Video: Luke and Max 2

Hey people,

Here’s a video of me and Max Pfeifer riding. It’s mainly street. There’s alot of old footage and alot of new stuff from just yesterday.

It goes for about 3 minutes. Hope you like it. Tell us what you think.

p.s There was a thread before but i had uploaded the wrong video so this is the new one.

that was ace

i loved the outflip down the set
and the whole riding was ace

well done

thumbs up

That is one of the best movies i have seen posted on this forum since syko crap vol 1…

Nice video. Bringing it back with some Jimmy Eat World. Thats really awesome. Good job to both of you.


wow, I love the hop to stand up WW. That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool though.

that was a great moive. good to see some great riding.

Great movie, Amazing stuff. It looks like you guys have some cool places to ride, was that all in Melborne?

sweet vid.!!!

Thanks everyone!

Sure was.

how did you do that trick where you grab the tire and make your body do a 180? I’ve been trying that trick for ages and still can’t figure it out.

Best trick in the whole thing was the wallplant leg around, or whatever yuo want to call it.

Impressive riding fakie 180 7 (not 8, trust me) outfiip 3, nicely done.

-Shaun Johanneson

congratulations!! nice riding, nice video!!


Definitely for street riding. Awesome riding guys.

By the way, the Jimmy Eat World song is not titled “So Sweet”, it’s “Bleed American”…

I grab the trie and the frame with one hand so the tire dosn’t move and the other hands on the seat handle. Yuo just have to keep your wieght on the seat i guess.

My bad.

Excellent stuff, Luke AND Max.

It was all good :smiley:

I think my favourite part was that bail at the end, it looked so much better in real life though :stuck_out_tongue:


Here here edboy it was totally awesome in real life. Anyway excellent riding on sunday luke nd max oh yeah nd nice footage from the old days. lol
keep it wheel

ahahah, it has been ages since i have posted on these forums! and been about 6 months since i have had a decent ride :frowning: !!

so this is wat happens wen u have a break from riding for a bit … lol now its gonna be insane to eva catch up with u and max, at the level u guys are riding at now!! aahaha

newayz, that was a mad video, and really liked it :wink: one to save …

ill try come out for a ride with u!

thats some awesome skills you guys have got. how long have you guys been riding?

thats some awesome skills you guys have got. how long have you guys been riding?