Video: Luke and Max 2

Hey people,

Here’s a video of me and Max Pfeifer riding. It’s mainly street. There’s alot of old footage and alot of new stuff from just yesterday.

It goes for about 3 minutes. Hope you like it. Tell us what you think.

I am watching it now and so far its really great!!!

For the people who cant watch it cause you need to download it, then right click and save the link I provided.

I am done watching. =p That is one of my favorites! It is getting saved and will stay on my desktop for a good long time!

that was a pretty awesome vid. nice riding as well!

Sorry everyone! I just uploaded the wrong vid. I deleted it from my gallery. Im uploding the new one at the moment. Its alot better. Might take a while because i have dial up.

that was an awesoem video, cant wait for the new one.

Hahaha, dang, the one before was good too! Good thing I got it saved before it was deleted. -Evil Snicker-

Thanks. The new one it pretty much the same. With yesterdays footage added.

And higher resolution.