[Video] Juggling and Unicyling shows

I’ve just finished our last video.
It’s from Italy, from juggling trio “Giocolieri e Giocol…oggi”
The first part is just juggling,
The second part include some unicycling and trial unicycling that we do in our shows.
And the other… well… enjoy!

PS: The new video is Giocologgi divX 6.11 (HQ and LQ)
The file Mono 2004 is our old muni-trial unicycling video

Have fun!:wink:

That was a really awesome movie!!
The cartoon dancer things in the beginning were a little disturbing though…( ;

it’s good to see you guys again. here i am wearing my favorite shirt:

Eric!!! That was fantastic to see you, even in a picture!
And what a good t-shirt
I’ll send that picture to my buddies!
And… this is me with my favourite one…

The “cartoon dancer things” are us! And I’ve put them in the video to make it more “viewable” by non jugglers people!

Hi all

Re: [Video] Juggling and Unicyling shows

Great video! Excellent juggling, unicycling and showmanship, and the
editing is super too. I downloaded the LQ version and it looks quite
good to me.

Thanks Klaas!
I’m happy you’ve seen the video!
We’ll meet soon… And I’m happy also for this!
Everybody to Unicon!