Video is featured on youtube's front page

whoever made this video.
you are amazing.
great riding, great editing, great music.

I posted a link to this thew other day when the topic was backflips. But I didn’t think you could get on the front page or editors choice if there was copywited music! :thinking:

Yeah I couldn’t find it under any of the topics;

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i think what happened is that you logged in and your front page brought it up as a video you would like, i noticed that mine did that and had some unicycling videos i have not seen.

Well i made a video about 6 months ago and it got featured for about 30mins.I didnt ask to use the music and i got about 2000 views while it was featured ill never understand youtube.

thats odd…
an old video of mine was featured for a week when myspace video was first established, and growing in popularity, it has 130,000 or so views… and had well over 1500 comments (they have diminished over time)

That’s xeaza.

He’s a fast learner :sunglasses:

this video was on youtube front page a few months ago.

this is the video that got me into unicycling so i want to thank whoever it is that made this vid for getting me into the sport.

That’s pretty awesome. I saw Taylor Wright-Sanson at OUI 08. He did a couple backflips there. They look even better in person. It was pretty sweeeet.