Video in the pipeline

I have been busy with school and stuff lately, and havn’t posted here in a while. I havn’t even been on a uni for about 2 weeks either, due to the club having to close early.

Anyways, I woke up this morning, and the sun was shining through my blinds, and I though, ‘humm… I feel like some trials unicycling. Maybe even making a video’. So I got up, had a shower, and sat and ate breakfast watching Universe 2 (just to get me in the mood).

I went out, and everything seemed to go well. I was just out around my area, but there was people playing bowls, which ment I chouldnt ride my favourite fence :frowning: but I did try some new stuff.

My computer has been wiped, so I need to get Virtual Dub and DivX back again,

I’ll wack my video (it wont be very long) up asap.

Anyone else been making videos lately?

I still need to get all my vids together for the UK video…


I really need to get some footage under my belt for the Uk collective vid, sorry it’s taking so long guy, but can you just wait up alittle longer for me.

ya i don’t fink i am gonna bother with norths video but i will be out riding.That the problem with riding in the study leave time old people are every where and they always stop you riding cool stuff!

Come on Ben, I reckon you should send in some footage for the vid. I must admit, the way north has put it forward it seems abit corporate instead of made for unicyclists by unicyclists (which it still is all the same). I think in the end it’s gonna be good for all of us, helps keep our unicycling creative and may inspire some others.

i am all for a video that’s gonna do that,but norths video is gonna have all this drunken crap on it and i wanted to make a good video not some lame ass jackass video with abit of unicycling in it!it was my idea in the first place but i think north has a different one that’s gonna suck!sure your a nice guy north but i think your videos gonna be crap!