Video: I landed 4 new flip tricks today (blind hicks, etc...)

After not having time to ride at all in the last 2-3 weeks, I finally got to today, and I ended up learning 4 new flip tricks:

  1. static back crankflips (sif)
  2. outflips (seat in to seat out unispin crankflip)
  3. sex change (body variel crankflip)
  4. Blind Hickflip (seat out to seat out unispin crankflip. the unispin is spun in your non-dominant direction)

Videos here, there are two sizes:

Medium (14.9 mb)

Small (2.86 mb)

dude jeff your crazy good


you are rediculous! that was cool

i love you jeff. youre great!

ok, that’s sick!


i hope i can do it in twenty jears.

(with support from my nurse for the elderly)

Thats sweet man!
god i gotta learn more flip tricks
nice work keep it up :slight_smile:


that was sick

Great video!

That was a great video!

Oh, man!
That guy looks just like you leo! I thought it was you!
Nice flips, right there!

Rock on!

I must learn from the master !!!

I MUST !!!

That was pretty slick.

yeah dam good.

awesome. I think its time that i learn how to crankflip:)
how long did it take you to learn those?


Did you learn sif backcranks before seat in? I learned forward and backwards crankflips that way and (for me) made it difficult to learn them seat in.

Apart from that, nice job on the new tricks! All that in one day is crazy.

that was pretty hot jeff. Youve gotin so much better sence mondo. YOur way far ahead of me now.

Thanks for all the replies so far:)

I learned these 4 tricks in one day.
If you were asking how it took to learn a crankflip, it took me about an hour and a half straight to land my first one (back in January).

Well right now I can only do sif back crankflips.

When i first learned forward flips i landed my first one seat in. Then switched to seat out (because i was using a taller seatpost, that couldnt go any shorter, and i didnt want to rack), after i was confident with getting the flip i switched to seat in with not too much trouble. Im hoping the backs will follow the same process. I need to learn them moving though (forward or back).

Maybe its just me but i think i can get a faster flip seat out, using 2 hands on the seat. If you used 2 hands for seat out, and then 1 for seat in, thats probably what made it hard to switch. How long did it take you to switch from seat out to seat in for back crankflips?

I didn’t wtch the vid but thats really awsome, 4 tricks in one day! I just learnt double and 360 flips but i still cant do any of those, besides backflips.

do you do your backflips static, forward, or backward? I’ve only been able to land static sif so far, and ive almost got one going backwards. How long did it take you to get them?