Video: I finally landed a doubleflip!

If any of you remember, I worked on these alot in April, two months ago. I got pretty close, but could never land it. (there 2 videos in my gallery of some attempts i had. One where i snapped a pedal in half, and popped my tire)

Well after taking a 2 month break, I tried them yesterday for about 30 minutes. I was unsuccessful and just ended up being really sore. I ended up trying again today, despite my soreness and finally landed it (after about a half hour). The video is below:

Double Crankflip Video

Edit: If i counted right, I am the 10th to get this.

good job. I’d like to learn a 1 rev sometime in the future.

exellant work jeff. that was so sweet. u desred to land those cause u worked so hard on them.

is it easier to spin the wheel forwards or backwards?

Nice Jeff. Not all the way full but close enough;) Mine weren’t full either.

Depends on the person. I think most people flip it forward dominantly. I know alex toms and brian lundgren learned backflips first. Alex also got the double back way before the double front.

dude! thats pretty slick!

hey i was just wondering what frame ur riding on???

I am not jeff (if you couldn’t tell:)) but that is an onza.

Damn Jeff, thats great! Really nice work, I love the way as you land the tyre springs you up. Really nice, you have spent alot of time on these and as everyone says, you deserve it.


nice work, you do deserve it!

I’m so jealous. Great job though.

Is it easier crankflipping waith shorter cranks(like 125’s)? or longer?

its easyer with shorter

wow, that almost made me consider buying shorter cranks just for learning crankflips. lol. when I crankflip, the wheel only gets half way around, and then I land on my balls:(

Don’t. I used to do exactly what you are doing and your problem is not long cranks, its a really bad technique. If you had shorter cranks the same thing would happen since you don’t even know how to flip it yet. Just work on it more.

ok, I figured that was the problem.

hmm is it just me, or has spencer answered every question toward me in this thread :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

Ya thanks for the comments everyone. Im really happy i finally got it (although quite sore). I think i might wait a bit before trying more. But when i do im going to try them on flatground.

Heh, sorry about that:o I actually didn’t even notice. I think I am on here a little too much :roll_eyes:

Ok, I’m done now;)

Longer cranks are easier.
Tao = RF
Increase the radius with the same amount of force you increase tao (torque) will incase speed of spin. Now this is perabalic, since of course too long of cranks will have too long of a journey to kick it fast. But with 7inch or 5inch cranks, 7 are better.