Video Help

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if i make a video is it legal for me to uses a bands music??? as long as i give credit to them for the music rite? just wondering…because i see all these videos with music in them and wonder if its legal.

Well… I dont think there’s any problem with it, everybody does it.

Just like smoking weed? right?

I try to always send a band or someone that works for them an email. If I dont hear back at least I sent the email.

You wont have any trouble just using the song for a youtube style video. The trouble comes when its being used to promote or sell something. The song is not yours to distribute, but if you bought the song, there is no harm in using it as backround in a slideshow. So using it in a unicycle video… same idea.

However, if you like it (and obviously you do), give the band credit space. Maybe a myspace URL if they’ve got it.