Video: Garage/CAR trials riding + destruction

Hey, I just finished a demo video of our revamped garage trials course, now including a car. (!) It’s 8.5min/50meg/DIVX. (you’ll need the divx codec)

The quality is pretty good despite using a camera than can only take 30sec of video at once. If any of you remember the MONDO 2005 video - it’s the same camera.

or direct download link:

Warning: The Adam Sandler song “ode to my car” is part of the soundtrack and contains swearing. Keep the sound down if you are worried about children’s ears.

I like the helmet test!

Hell yes, that was an awesome video. Great riding to. I was really impressed with the setup in the garage. It would be cool if I could have something decent to ride on around here. The helmet part was pretty great.

I did like that helmet test. And I do love that Beatles song (and the album Rubber Soul in general). My only suggestion would to work on doing away with as many correctional hops as possible. I was feeling exhausted watching you guys recovery/correction hop so much. I wouldn’t even make it through my usual two hour rides…I’d be dead in 15 mins. Save up that energy. I noticed that it was causing you to miss some really nice gaps and ups. You’ll be surprised at how you are better able to judge trials situations with a more clear and focused head…and how quick and clean your lines turn out on video. You’ll be more controlled and accurate riders.

All around…a good video. I wish I had my own trials playground. Wait…I do. On campus, right outside my door! Haha!

Don’t mean to sound negative. I try to offer an honest constructive opinion and criticism. Feel free to do it to me, when I try to piece together a short film of my own next summer.


Thanks for the advice. Alot of those correction hops are because many of the obstacles are freakin’ bouncy. We’ve got jacks under the car to try to get rid of the suspension but it’s not 100% effective.

It’s something to work on :slight_smile:

Nice video. I hope you realise how very lucky you are to have such a great trials course in your garage!


i cant seem to be able to watch it…i downloaded the divx player but its not doin anything…help plz

Great vid!! You guys are rockin’ out!

Mark, nice seat out stuff!

see ya…
Joe in iowa


all i get is the music

To view it download this codec: and then view it in windows media player.

i’m trying to do fewer correction hops. not all the obstacles are sturdy, but yeah, there’s always room for improvement. i also need to work on pedal grabs. the 4 stack is something i can sif hop, but i’m using the low height as an easy hop for pedal grab practice.

trust us, we definitely know how lucky we are to have such a huge garage and the materials to put that together.

i think my computer is too dumb for divx it just says that its connecting for like half an hour

you guys have an admirable spirit. keep it up!

it’s good to practice on low stuff first, so no bad technique develops.

Nice movie, I liked it. Nice riding place too, but my indoor trials garage is bigger than yours! We have an unused old car shop/garage type thing in our backyard, that I have setup with trials stuff. Its really nice. But I dont have a car in it…

i have to wait until it finishes downloading, but it sounds like a good surprise :wink:


and the helmet.

There really isn’t much more satisfying than spray painting and destroying a car with large pieces of wood. Aside from unicycling on it, that is.

It’s great, if I get bored and I go out to the garage and beat the heck out of a car with my crowbar for awhile. It’s every kids dream.

Shooting the headlights and mirrors out with a high powered pellet gun was also enjoyable.

im chossing not to take your advice and wear on of them helemts when being jumped on. :astonished:

haha i liked that video… you oculd tell you guys were having fun… it was cool


thanks for all the compliments. we’re (of course) always filming more stuff, and hopefully can spawn a new videeo before too long.