Video from UNI trick game thread

hey here is a video that i just put together in about 30 min cuz i was bored let me know what you think tho.

   <a href="">Click here to watch UNI_TRICK_EDIT</a>



it was sweet i liked it

nice vid looks like you have some pretty good skills there

It doesn’t want to work for me. It says ready so I click play then it says its connecting to media forever. Can you upload it to the gallery?

Interesting mix of riders. I know some of that footage is dan and tomsey. But a lot of the other footage is different riders. Is some of the footage you? or is it just a mix of other riders?


no none of the footage is me i took it all from the uni trick game thread and i will upload it to the gallery later today

How come there was only like 3 riders? lol

there are only a few riders because i took all the clips from one thread i will be doing more in the very near future

Maybe you can try the direct link to download :


that was sweet, i liked it but it was mostly grinding and unispins, i thought that one dude was gonna grind down that handrail then he did a crankflip down the stairs!

Hey cool. I had two clips of me in there. THe flip down the 5 and then the last clip of the hickflip down the 4. Im glad i actually impress someone else.


Yeah that was sick, none of it was dan though. But rad. I think we need more movies up in the gallery. laters
-Shaun Johanneson