video from today's ride

urban stuff in London today.

Joel Burgess and Jordan Brown.


Cool. That last scene was quite impressive. That takes a lot of guts. How wide was the beam?

it was fairly wide, probably between 2-3 feet. But multiply that by 3.3 meters up and you’re looking about an inch and a half!

Good stuff, I like it.

good job

Hey that was really slick! How did you do the moving filiming? Its so smooth!


I ride my unicycle with the camera.

$1500 in your hand keeps you from falling

WOW! That should be in one of the 10 skill levels right there! It really looks smooth. And i take it you were filming while riding backwards sometimes too?

nice job!

The camera was backwards :slight_smile:

That was OK…

yeah, maybe

hey Brian, did u use a wide angle or even a fish eye?

I used a 0.5x super wide angle.

I leave it on my camera 90% of the time, I love it.

Well done Sof… I mean, Brian.

Sweet stuff.

Here is the lens I use:

It is very durable. It’s threaded on with tiny plastic threads, and has come off 3 times after my mobile camera technique has made impact with the ground.

This sends the lens rolling/flying.

One smackdown into the hardpack trail (NY) One impact into an incline skate ramp and went rolling to a halt, and just recently (as seen at the very end of the recent Coker POV clip I made) into the bush.

The outer body is dinged and scuffed, the optics remain as good as new.

Great movie, loved the pedal grab at the start, and the scenery throughout most of it.