video from november and december

i made a new video :). the clips are from november and december.first i thought i could wait a little and make more clips for the video but i was extremly bored and edited it;).

it´s not something special:p

nice video girl!:slight_smile:

Cool video!

The intro was well edited, and the riding was also cool :wink:

You’re so lucky to be a girl… last time I tryied to stand up wheel walk I have some serious injuries :o

Both songs were cool too. Maybe Spencer will reclaim some Copyright (If you don’t get, watch this: Flat 3)

Nice video at all… Cool to see more girls flatlanding!

Keep it up!

that was pretty awesome, sure wish i could do flat stuff :P. nice grinds as well

awesome job. your uni looked really cool throughout the video.

if you haven’t already done so, you should check out anna jinks videos. shes another girl that’s really good.

There’s also Maria from Austria (I Think…), Marine Pec, another frensh girl that I don’t know the name who can HickFlip I think, and as Forrest said, Anna :wink:

I don’t know how Celina is riding right now, she didn’t released anything since the last UniGirls I think!

cool video! enjoyed it all the way! your flat is good;)

i don´t know most of these girls,but i´m in trials and flatland only a short time;)
i only know maria from austria ( from icq :roll_eyes: ) i´ll visit her in one week!
she want´s to teach me how to crankflip:D



Might wanna be careful for your shoelaces though.

:smiley: i think you mean my disrupted trousers :stuck_out_tongue: my shoelaces are always in my shoes (i learned from some racing accidents in the past :o)

Learning to crankflip is so cool (Better for womans, some mans have serious problem in the start ;))…

You’ll see, many trick will start to come really fast and easily :smiley:

Good trip to Austria… Sounds fun… you can met Raphael and Elias too :wink:

Come to NZ! :frowning:

Man, don’t worry in EXACTLY ONE YEAR, people will start to arrive in New Zeland for UNICON… You’ll not have only ONE rider… You’ll have One Thousand!

And count me in ;)… look like I will have to leave Brazil on Christmas Morning to arrive in time! Planning to buy my airplane tickets when arrive from Wuko (I can pay it in 11 months… easier ;)!

yes! i´m looking forward to it!
i´ve a question.19 days before europe?you are coming to wuko? i live 200 kilometers near cologne,i´ll be there :roll_eyes:
and i know what you mean with the crankflips:D

i want to come to new zealand for unicon but i can´t pay it.but maybe i´ll find a sponsor for the airplane ticket or something :roll_eyes:

I’m about 9.882 Km from Cologne, and for sure I’m going ;)! First I will stay in France with Adrien, and we will go by car (Only 3 days don’t worth 14 hours in airplanes)!

See you in Cologne… And keep practicing to beat some girls in there! many of them can’t do any Rolls and will compete in Flat!

Nice video! Your flat skills are impressive!

very nice riding :slight_smile:

nice vid sophi , i really liked the last wraproll to 1ftww:D

cool video :wink:

Your Flattricks are coming very fast :roll_eyes:

see you in 1 week :smiley: