Video from French Uni Cup, 2009

Hi everybody,

With 2 classmates we shooted and directed this video at the French unicycle Cup, in Reims.
This is only a trailer, 1 minute long, 2 longer video are coming soon (one of 5minutes, an other of 15 minutes) …

It was the first unicycling competition filmed with some kind of professional stuff, 2 HD cameras, home made dolly (for travelling), and a Nouma (we call it a “grue” in french, I don’t exactly know in english);
thanks to the France Unicycling Federation and to the association Festivisuel for their support.

ENJOY and post comments !

Kevin Marin
Vasipaulette’s team

For a homemade video, it is pretty good. I especially like the introduction, it looks professional.

I hope I was able to witness a fest like the Unicycle cup.

Pretty good?
In my opinion it was great!
Waiting for the big one…

The original post was from October 19, 2009. Did the longer videos ever get made?

Yes, the 5min was posted here :

(thread Unicon XV video contest)
Still waiting to work on the 15min with my work mate … should be done in mid-june ! :thinking:

You can find it in the thread “Unicon XV video contest” :