Video - First Aid

Just finished putting together this video of Karl, Devon, Thomas and I on one of our winter rides. The footage is from about a month ago. February 19th to be exact.

It’s the first item in my video gallery.

There are a few kind of gross spitting blood shots so consider yourself warned if you don’t like that sort of thing. Conveniently Winterlude (an annual winter festival in Ottawa) was going on so they had a portable first aid station not far from where we were riding.



Great video! I couldn’t stand riding in the snow…I hate that slippery feeling under the tyre. Something I’ve always wondered…I guess there wouldn’t be as many motorcyclists out in the winter, right?

A couple of technical questions:

  • How are you compressing these videos? The quality is fantastic for such a small file size. I watched the Quicktime version. What are you editing the videos with? I use Vegas Movie Studio 4.0 but am getting really frustrated because it can’t seem to save at 16:9…it resorts to letterboxing in 4:3. I’ve asked the technical help people (by email) about it but only got a proposed solution that didn’t work…then despite inviting me to reply if it didn’t work, they didn’t respond to my reply. :frowning: I’ve been filming exclusively in 16:9 for about two years now and love it (I’m sure you agree it frames everything so nicely!), but I can’t get a 16:9 result without cropping it with VirtualDub.
  • What sort of camera are you using? I love the image quality. I film with a standard MiniDV and I dont think I get as nice detail in mine…even uncompressed.


Yeah, no one rides motorcycles in the Winter. That would be suicide. You know it’s Spring when you hear the bikers out! haha

Nice one Devon! :astonished:

That was cool, thanks for the video Jason.

I quite like riding in the winter, particularly at the beginning of winter. Now that summer has come though I am amazingly happy.

Did I see Carl senior in that aswell?

that was sweet…good job guys!

Here’s my current setup…

Sony TRV38 MiniDV camera. It’s a single CCD camera and a couple of years old, but the quality seems pretty good on it. For editing I use Premiere Pro, which is decent enough for most editing tasks.

I always capture footage onto the computer in DVAVI format and keep it in that format throughout the editing process. Once the video is done I save the entire video as a DVAVI file. I don’t use Premiere to do the conversions to other formats because I’ve found it generally doesn’t do as good a job as the tools that are designed specifically for those formats, and sometimes it just plain doesn’t work at all.

To convert the DVAVI file to wmv I use Windows Media Encoder 9, which I believe is freely available from Microsoft. For mov I export the DVAVI file from Quicktime Pro 7, using the new H.264 codec.

I can’t help you with your issues with Vegas, since I’ve never used it, but I hope you figure something out. Does it letterbox regardless of what format you save to? If it saves to DVAVI fine you could try and use another tool to do the conversion to other formats.


Oh yeah, and I agree with you regarding 16:9 aspect ratio. I like it a lot better too.

And thanks for the other responses, glad you guys enjoyed it!

To Nathan, Carl senior wasn’t in the video. Sometime he joins us when we’re doing driveway trials at the Roth residence but I don’t think he’s ever come on a full blown trials ride with us.