Video - Ferny Hills trials...

Ferny Hills 1 (9.8MB, 1min20sec)
Ferny Hills 1 (2.0MB, 1min20sec)

Went for another trials ride today. There were a couple of really nice lines I chickened out on, and a couple I want to try again.

The one on the monkey bars I found difficult because I had to chose between hopping further forwards all the way down (I didn’t because I was uncomfortable hopping that distance from between the rungs), hopping onto the last rung then all the way down (I didn’t because it scared me hopping precisely so high up), and hopping from between the last rung down to the platform (I tried but I had to twist to hop short enough, and always landed really heavily with no room to roll out.

The last line was my favourite. I was really trying not to do any corrective hops, so I was stoked to do it.

I’m going out for another ride tomorrow to try a few more parks I’ve found…lots of long balance lines tomorrow I think.



the last line was great. the failed drop from the monkey bars looked a bit painful. good job!

Cheers, yeah the last line was my favourite. I’d love a whole playground full of that sort of stuff at different levels…maybe when I buy a house :). Apparently that’s how Ryan Leech got so good at that sort of bike trials…those sorts of technical lines low to the ground.

Believe it or not, the first line was probably the most difficult out of the lot of them! It doesn’t look like it…great fun though.


there is a line somewhat similar to the first one at a playground near campus but im pretty sure that it would be impossible to do on a uni, as the range of movement is at least a foot per platform. the platforms are not attached to each other and dangle from chains. perhaps one day i will get a good shot of me busting my butt on it to show you what it looks like.

Hey Andrew! Great lines! I especially liked the 90 degree hop to the skinny and then backwards off the end. Way to go and thanks for sharing this.

Hi Andrew…
First I have to congratulate you for your riding and your editing abilities.
I always look at this forum to see if you wouldn’t have put a new amazing video online.

Have you thought about making a subscription list so that I can get those videos right in my mail box?:wink:

Nice job!! Your my unofficial uni-dream daily provider

That last line was KILLER! How long did you practice that skinny-to-backwards-skinny transition?

Thanks for the video. It makes me wanna run out and find the nearest playground :slight_smile:

Yes very nice video and that last line was freaking sweet.


That monkey bar shot was SICK!

As always, nice chill music. It almost makes the viewer perceive that the riding is easier than it truely is. That’s where the heavy guitar ripping comes in handy. :wink:

really nice video dude… i’ve spent the past few days watching loads of videos i hadn’t seen before and this one … " nice ". thanks for posting it.

That sounds delicious!

Thanks, that’s very nice of you. There will hopefully be another video this afternoon (it’s morning now).

The very last line with the backward plank ride actually started with only about half the length of the first plank. I think that was somewhere between my 5th and 10th attempts…clsoer to 10th, can’t remember. I’m going to run out today and find more nearby playgrounds :).

That was the end of “Mali” by the Charlie Hunter Quintet. Believe it or not, all the guitar and bass guitar you hear is being done at once…by the same guy! Charlie Hunter plays a special 8-string guitar with 3 bass strings and 5 ‘regular’ strings…he’s ridiculously talented. I really want to see a video of him playing it. It’s a shame I couldn’t nail the landing in that line of the monkey bars, it would have been much easier to just hop all the way off.

pk, POW, and Tommy,

Just out of curiosity, what does everyone think of the framing offered by the 16:9 ratio? It’s been a pretty bold step to convert all my filming from now on to this ratio (as you can’t easily combine the two in movies). I really like widescreen though, especially for most of the lines I’m riding.


i really like the frame ratio.

your video is really well presented, from angles, to lines, to actual riding.

On my 17" tft running 1280x1024 your video is so smooth full screen.

I make some tasty fire twirling videos… though their not on my website right now other than my latest and i wouldnt have thought about this ratio due to the fact that… what we do will loose some of the patterns some what in close ups.

Id love to see more made like this!. thanks.

Yeah, I’m really happy with 16:9. I guess the only problem is compatibility with 4:3 clips.


Hey andrew

that video was really good, i really liked the music - as well as that crazy 90 to backwards skiny ride.

keep up the good work man


Thanks Jeff, that’s a real honour coming from a rider of your caliber. The Charlie Hunter Quintet (and Duo, Trio, and Quartet) is one of my very favourite bands. I’ll stick another of their songs in my next little video (in a few minutes). :slight_smile: