Video - Ferny Hills trials (Part 2)...

Ferny Hills 2 (7.2MB, 1min30sec)
Ferny Hills 2 (1.9MB, 1min30sec)

I went for another fun ride today. As I planned, I did lots of rails and one in particular I was really pleased with. I was planning to try riding a rail/low wooden fence, 180-ing, then continuing backwards but never got around to it.

I also didn’t manage the gaps I was attempting for some time on some small posts about 450mm (18") high. It was the hop up there that got to me. Although I could make the height every time, I think I couldn’t really sucessfully complete the line because a hop that high isn’t quite easy enough for me and I was all out of balance at the top. Quite frustrating, because it was a cool set of gaps and I really wanted to be able to start up there on top of one so I couldn’t actually try it.

Anyway, I found some more nice spots to ride today and they’re in this video.

The music is the end of “Changui”, again by the Charlie Hunter Quintet.



Every time you post a new video you amaze me with some cool obstacles and smooth riding. Props. That is madd swick yo!

That was a really swick vid. I loved the camera angles you used. My favorite bit was the part that starts with just your shoe in the frame.

Yah is kinda like this video. But I am really glad that andrew comes out with alot of shorter snippets, so that way I can be amazed every day(almost)

These videos are reminding me how much I suck at riding skinnies. :angry:

Must go practice skinnies. Must go practice skinnies…

Sadly, practice doesn’t help much. Old dogs don’t learn new skills very easily.




omg, u did not just say swick.

I was just being dumb, and now your saying it! its like saying hella deec. Nobody says it cause you’ll get beat up for saying it. Plus its the most wigger word i’ve ever heard.

I like these little mini videos, you go to all this time and effort just for us to critique your vids. I truly appreciate it andrew.



Thanks guys.

Tom, as a big fan of that movie that one made me laugh! :slight_smile:


Well let’s not forget how much fun it is to do the riding and to make movies, but you’re welcome :).

One thing I’ve noticed over the past few months is just how much of a difference good lighting can make in a video. Light adds so much contrast and brings out all the nice colours. For example the 2nd clip.


You sure are good at skinnies!:stuck_out_tongue:

I hereby proclaim Andrew Carter King of all that is skinny.

Great work there Andrew!!!


Andrew,none of your videos work for me!
I dont know why.
Most other videos work for me,some dont.
and yours are one of them.
I keep getting a message thing that says"some codecs requiered for this media are not downloaded on your computer".

I guess im stuck with looking at the stills.

Thanks again guys. Owen, I think you need to re-watch the Universe’s before saying things like that! :slight_smile:

What version of Windows are you running? It’s really odd that they’re not working for you, they don’t have any fancy codecs in them. I don’t know how much effort you want to go to, but if this is becoming an issue with some of your other videos on your computer too I’d suggest downloading either “Media Player Classic”, or “The Core Media Player”. There are heaps of others but these are two that I often use. The Core Media Player is my default media player these days.


Andrew’s videos need Windows Media 9 to play. You’ll need to update to Windows Media Player 9 or install the Windows Media 9 codec pack.

You can download Windows Media Player 9 or 10 here: Downloads for Windows Media Player

Or get the WM9 codec package here: Codec Installation Packages

seeing videos from people like andrew carter and jess riegel have really inspired me to get better. props.


Thanks John and Jon.


Andrew, what kind of uni do you ride?

MAN! Andrew! you beast! i love all the mini movies you put out… i agree with what owen says…you are king of all that is skinny.
nice nice nice nice riding.

–Sabin Arditty