Video evidence that Shaun J has a cross dressing twin in UK

please someone explain

well he/she is very strange lol

i don’t know, you uploaded it

I don’t understand how it related to Shaun…

niether do I, can anyone explain this at all, in confused!!

I think the only evidence this vid gives is that Lucas is actually a voice that comes out of nowhere and the body that wears party hats and juggles while riding his uni on a slackline is nothing but a ripple on the sea of reality perception. An imaginary ripple, of course.


The voice maybe?

I bet if Shaun spoke that flamboyantly he’d sound quite similar.

haha random

that is shaun dood.

yeh its random but not as random as some of the shit people talk about on here these days.

does no one else see a resembelence

hahahaha, that’s funny.

The real question is wtf were you doing at bestival? Get your arse to Reading boy.

That doesn’t sound that much like him…

i wasnt going on the sound i was taking away the female clothing and looking at te face, maybe the fact that he put the accent on helped that