video editing

well after some input from some of the users i have made five videos all with different music but pretty much the same content, some slightly but its almost contest worthy to point out the differences.

anyways i was hoping i could get some pointers on editing and sprucing up the video while also keeping the quality high and the size down. anyways thank you very much for the people that watch any of them.

also as you can see i particularly like to focus on music so let me know what you think of the different music in whatever ones you watch

They look pretty good. the only thing i have to say is that it bugs me when i’m watching a video and the rider gets close to the camera and the filmer focuses on the tire. i dont know this is just what i think, it could just be a style thing but i personally dont like it. but other than that looks like we can expect some good videos from you guys pretty soon! good job!


hah the reason why when i get close he focuses on the tire is because you cant zoom on the camera so if i go forward i get bigger

I think the titles like WEI and Me need to be eather shorter time frame or more stuff to look at?read. GOOD VID

hah thanks, they are pretty much just filler so that the vid would last as long as the song because i dont know how to make the song fade yet

When I made my last video, and the one I’m making now, I pretty much HAVE to have some wheel-only shots. I don’t have anybody to film me, and I usually dont have a tripod, so I have to set the camera down on a rock or a log or whatever I can find. Plus the camera quality sucks, so, far away=hard to see.

I also would like some more understanding about video compression, quality, etc.