video editing software

Someone recommended this software for converting, editing and digitizing analog video tape.Does anyone know about or use this software? It looks easy to use too.

Check out this site. It’s their top ten video of video editing software.

Some of the software manufacturers have the opportunity to try before you buy.

i used pinncle for a time before i switched to mac. It worked really well for a windows program. I never had much luck with windows, though, but it was the best program on my computer.

hey, search for the software “virtualdub”, its free and very good.


I use this. I like it. It cost me $130 AUD.


Ive used pinnacle studio 8 and 9 and been happy with both. 8 was pretty buggy though. 9 is more solid with some better features.

I also used virtualdub and Nandub back in the day. They are both FREE (open source probably) and get the job done. They are certainly not as user friendly as the programs one would buy. I had to do a little research on the innanet to figure out how to use both of them effectively. Despite the ease of use issue, they both get the job done.

Now that i have windows XP, id use Windows Movie Maker before using virtualDub. Dont overlook that little gem. :wink:

I used Sony Vegas after using Pinnacle Studio, and i liked it even better. More stable, more features, and it just feels more professional. My group of buddies still uses the video capture tool from vegas to get the footage off our cams because its so nice.

Now the main editting computer that our group has has Adobe Premiere on it. This is hands down the best so far. A couple of my friends actually took video editing classes and learned to use it quite well. Ive just dicked around with it a little and can already see the potential. At the same time, the software is some big bucks so maybe this isnt so helpful to you, terry.

Really Pinnacle or Vegas will do you just fine. Good luck!

yeah i started using the Windows Movie Maker program that came with windows stock !!

but it is really straight forward and u cant do alot with it, apart from the usual noob editing stuff!

I am currently doing a tafe course “Certificate 4 in Design” which is covering all areas of design and a large part is multimedia, and we use Abobe Premiere, i reallly like this program and it isnt to hard to use, its pretty straight forward!

and there are alot of different editing tools, which make it look cool and jazzy!

so wen i get my vid camera fixed, i will go out and take some footage of me and the other melbourne riders and make a sweet vid of about 10 mins for u guys to watch and asess :slight_smile:

I use Adobe Premiere 6, but Brian Mackenzie used a newer version on Training Wheel Not Required, if I recall, and said it’s loads better than 6… I need a copy :wink:

I did UNIck with Premiere 6.

i currently have Premiere 6.5, but i will be updating it to the latest version by the time i make the new vid!