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Hey all

right ive been working on i-movies to make my films and its been great. But now i feel the need to upgrade software and there are so many programs and i dont know were to start.

What is the best sofware if i want something relativity easy to use but with good tools?

Final Cut ROCKS!

As a professional video editor, I use Final Cut Pro. For you, I’d recommend Final Cut Express (since you’re obviously using a Mac). Other good programs are Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, but I highly recommend using Final Cut.

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+1 to FCE

I have used Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, iMovie 09 and Premiere all very extensively.

Premiere has its plus sides, but a lot of the features and mostly content for making videos is left out of the mac version for some reason.

FCE is nice because its price point is decent and is a nice stepping stone from iMovie 09. You can import stuff you have made into it pretty easily as well. It has most of the features of the Pro suite, but doesn’t have all the higher end audio and effects programs with it. The nice thing is that it has more than 2 video layers that iMovie gives you so you are opened up to many more effects.

The nice thing about Final Cut Express is that

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It makes sense too if he is going to be making Uni videos to ask in a section that most of the people making the videos would be looking.

If you’re on mac go for Final Cut (Pro or Express… Pro have some nice extra features)…

If you’re on PC go for Premiere CS5 or Vegas 9…

And don’t hesitate to download a bunch of plugins and pay with it :smiley:

There are also some other softwares but usually those are EXTREMELY expensive… anyway, if you want to get inside the pro AV thing you can also (at least research about) Avid Media Composer and Smoke (I’m using/learning Smoke for professional projects and it’s so far the most stable and practical interface you can get… but you need a hell of a Mac Pro to use it :p)

Probably FCE will give you more tools than you need… Just make sure you use them… Otherwise your vids will look like any Windows MovieMaker projects… Research about Color correction… editing basics… and also filming techniques that can improve you vids :wink:

And anything you need, just ask us :D!

Have fun! Video editing is a LOT OF FUN :smiley:

Thanks all for replying, by the sounds of it final cut express is just what i want so i’m going to get it!! cheers

Just a side note, but they are coming up on some software refreshes soon and FCE is rumored to be one getting a facelift.

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I’m also using Final Cut Express. Really good program.
If you don’t want to pay, just download it with torrent. :stuck_out_tongue: not legal, but… free:D


What computers are you guys using to edit? Mine lags reallyyyy bad with HD footage, so I kinda want to get a new one. Preferably a PC but I’d be open to a Mac if it had some nice advantage…

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I use a Microsoft XP and edit with Sony Vegas Pro 9, and with this, you can turn the preview quality down and it will almost never lag. I am assuming that it would be even better on a Vista or 7. I have only used Vegas, so I’m not sure how any other program would work…

Remember, HD footage takes basically four times as much to work on as VGA (640x480) footage. The hardware aspects that matter the most are processor speed, processor architecture (newer is better), graphics processor speed, main and video memory, and free hard drive space. Operating system (at least versions of Windows) means less than that stuff.

If you’re considering a Mac, consider that it won’t run most of the Windows software you already have. Though it has a decent movie-making program that comes with it (iMovie). Though it’s no Final Cut, it can do way more than Windows Movie Maker.

Macs are definitely better for video editing. I’m using a 27" iMac for video editing at home, and it works great. However, if you want the fastest, then go for a 12-core Mac Pro.


Ah, that’s not true! You can buy a copy of windows and install it on the Mac as a dual boot partition. You will then be able to run all the Windows software you already have.


If anyone is looking for a deal on a 12-core or Even 8-core Westmere contact me.

But then why buy the Mac if you can get a PC to go with your copy of Windows for a much cheaper price? Don’t answer that, we both know why.

Yes, in dual boot mode, your Mac will truly be a PC (ecch). I have to do this for work. Right now there are two programs I have to use that won’t work in the virtualized environment of Parallels…

By that logic, grab a 24-core dual cpu AMD opteron box…

What logic does that follow? It can’t run Mac OS (legally).