Video Editing Help!!!

ok so i have vista with windows movie maker but every time i try to put music from itunes on one of my videos it always has to restart the program and it won’t let me get the music on there, any tips. :thinking:

No idea. Ask someone on the windows movie maker forums.

you are importing it or no?
you have to find the original file (in MP3 or WMA form) and import it FROM WMM.

yea i am importing it and it riped the music from a cd

whatst the format after you ripped it off your cd?

do a mime video :stuck_out_tongue:

rip using media player, which will do wma.
you can import/convert those to itunes (aac), but not vice versa.
use the wma in movie maker.

after the fact, i dont know the proper way to convert from itunes, but you could

  1. burn a cd and rip it.
  2. I use cdex to record, when I have an audio tape or whatnot… it can record anything that plays on pc.

FYI if you have vista ultimate, you can do high def. otherwise you’re limited to standard def.

ok thanx ill try that

it worked thanx a lot