Video Editing Contest - $100 first place!

No problem, but thanks for letting me know. I realize this would be a pretty challenging undertaking, and not everyone would feel up to the task, or have the time necessary to commit to it. I get that. I’ll just wait to see how things go, and if not enough people sign on, I will think about other options, like maybe a freelance professional editor, with experience in sports oriented material.

Unfortunately, they will likely not know much about the sport of extreme unicycling, which is why I wanted to try this idea first, since the majority of the uni forum members have a first-hand understanding of our sport. But I only just posted this thread a day ago, so I’m willing to give it some reasonable time. :slight_smile:

It sounds as if you want an upbeat, royalty-free style music like the stuff you use in many of your videos, correct?

Hopefully some other people will be up for this… this is a great chance to practice editing.

That would be preferred, but youtube seems to have relaxed their policy regarding copyright music a bit, and haven’t muted any copyrighted music I’ve uploaded in the last year or so. But if I’m not sure, I always upload a “test” video of short duration, in low res, just to see if they will mute the song I’ve chosen. If they do, it’s pretty much immediate. That way, if they do, it saves me a whole lot of time having to delete a fully finished, look for another song, and upload again!

And I’ve been thinking that if I don’t get that magic number seven, maybe I will just select a bunch of my favorite clips and look for one person to edit them together using something a lot better than Win MM. :slight_smile:

I’d have to agree with John. An expensive video editor doesn’t make it any more “professionally edited” than if it was made with a free editor. Your own videos are much more “professional” than most others. The skills (creativity, humour, artistry…) of the person doing the edit are much more important than the software used.

Than for that vote of confidence Slocan. :slight_smile: And I totally agree with you that substance trumps “flash” every time. But there’s only so much I can do with movie maker. I really should take the time–LOTS of time–to get up to speed with and editing program that will allow me to do more, and have a more “polished” look to it.

This is where having adhd really makes it tough, but I’m sure that once I learned how to use it, it would really open up a whole mew world of possibilities for me. The difference between MM and something like Final Cut pro, imo, is like the difference between photoshop and ms paint!

You can get really creative with paint, but it will never match the professional look or amazing array of effects of photshop. So the way I look at it is, you can have the most amazing product, but if it’s not “packaged” well, it won’t sell! This contest was also an opportunity to see how others might “package” a video using a variety of my footage. I think part of what gave me the idea was seeing the fun little video Austin Lee made. Everyone has their own ideas and approach and so I thought it might be cool to see what others might come up with. :slight_smile:

How long will we have to do the video? First and second? And if you loosen up the editing requirements a bit, I have a mid range Sony Vegas program, works with the hd video, but its not the pro version, depending on the timeline I might be interested in doing this.

That would be fine. There is no set deadline, but I would like to get a minimum of seven participants by 5/31/11. From there I would probably like to have completed videos submitted by the end of July.

I have to agree with you Terry, moviemaker is nice for a quick edit, but for a more professional looking video it’s a lot easier to use something like sony vegas.

All the effects are better in vegas, like the slowmotion and the color correction.

Here’s a video edited in movie maker I think

and vegas :

@gohabsgo333: Nice videos, and I like the music selection too. I noticed that the first isn’t in hd and widescreen like the second one though. Most of my videos are shot in 720p widescreen like your second one, and also published as such with MM. I’ve never used the 1080 setting though, as the difference is largely imperceptible on youtube.

This is true, I thought I mentioned that, but I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to compare the colours and stuff though, in MM is there any color correction?

I don’t think there’s an option for that specifically, and I’ve never even thought that any of my videos would need that. But I’m also partially color blind, and can’t distinguish and/or identify certain colors and shade variations. In any case, I don’t think MM has a manual adjustment for color correction, and may do any basic, rudimentary adjustments automatically.

Edit: I found tons of tutorials on doing color correction with MM. Here’s one.

You may want to post this in the video forum…

Some of your “target audience” may spend most of their time there and hardly read RSU.

Well terry, if you end up with at least 6 other participants I will also participate in your little contest.

So is this thing on? Also is there a safe a reliable way to get videos from youtube in good quality?

I am no longer on, I’m sorry to withdraw Terry but the computer I was going to be using is having issues, so I am stuck with nothing. If I can find a replacement quickly I will join back up, but I really don’t think that it is likely… so good luck to your contest.

Is the contest still open? I’d be interested, thanks