Video Editing Contest - $100 first place!

I was recently asked to make a “professionally edited” compilation of five or more of my better/best uni videos. Since my only editing experience is with Movie Maker, I decided to try making a contest here, to hopefully find the best, most creative editor(s) using pro editing software. You must have a high quality editing program such as Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro, etc. No MM, haha. The top three winners will win the following:

$100 First place
$50 Second place
$25 Third place

You choose and download any 5 or more of my unigeezer videos, and create a compilation video of between 4-6 minutes. Winner will be judged on creativity, pacing, variety, use of titles, music and effects. You must include “ presents” at the beginning, and the end credits must include, “All footage filmed by Terry Peterson”, and editing by you. The title of the video is up to you; it can be straight forward or “catchy”, but should give a good idea of what the viewer will be watching.

Once complete, upload your video to youtube, and post it in this thread. A poll will then be made to choose the top three, and I will choose the first place winner. I will then send the winner the raw footage of the same clips he/she used in their winning video, and that person will then make the same video with the original, raw footage so they can render it in the highest quality. They will then burn the final winning video to DVD and mail it to me. This will be used as my official promo video.

In order for this contest to be go forward, I will need a minimum of SEVEN participants, but there is no maximum, so the more the better! Also, there’s no actual deadline, but I would like get finished videos submitted within a couple months. That should be enough time.

Ok, if you’re in, let us know, an good luck! :smiley:

I might suggest putting a posting in the video thread(even if its just a link to here) for people that might frequent that forum and never go here…

I thought I should post it in RSU, since the video thread is for actual videos, but I guess I could post it there as well if no responses here.

I think I’ll participate, it’ll be nice to practice editing !

Ok, but let’s wait to see if we get enough to participate. There needs to be a minimum of seven before we can officially start. If there’s not enough people on board by 5/30/11, I’ll call it off. Austin Lee might want to try it. He made a short little “promo” a while back out of the blue, and sent it to me. :slight_smile:

I may be up to this if we get enough people.

I’m not interested in participating, just curious as to what the incentive is to remake the video once they have won the contest? remaking a video would be a frustrating experience, especially one that is 5-6 minutes long. I really can’t see anyone who has put a lot of effort (and time) into making a video having the motivation to do exactly the same thing again.

Well, downloaded youtube videos are pretty poor quality, even the hd videos, and thus not suitable for use as a professional promo video. I tried thinking of other alternatives but couldn’t come up with any.

But even though the winner would be making another video with the original raw clips, he would already have the first one as a template to copy. That’s also part of why I offered the $100.

I’m in! Could do with a challenge for after exams :smiley:


I have already completed my entry. I used a high quality video editor named EraseFramePro. I took your clips, erased them, spliced the deleted components, and made a clip of zero length with no frames, no credits, and no music. Please send my $100 first prize to my PayPal account.


It shouldn’t be that difficult to just replace the clips with the new ones. You wouldn’t even have to make a new video, you would take the same file, and change the location of the clips

Thanks harper! (or “Reprah”, haha) I have already completed your payment. I used a high quality delivery system named “HackYourAccountPro”. I sent your payment, erased it, spliced and deleted your existing paypal account, made a payment of zero dollars with no cents, no decimal point, no nothing. Please send my receipt to my paypal account. :stuck_out_tongue:


So far we have a possible three entrants. Maybe from here on, whoever else wants to join the comp can copy & paste the current lineup, then add their name:


I’m in!


Terry, following on from Alister’s question. Could you not upload the videos (not the raw footage, but the finished videos) from you HDD to mediafire or another file sharing site? This would make the quality a lot better and remove any need to remake. :slight_smile:

If I understand what you’re saying, then that would be a gargantuan task! I have HUNDREDS of videos of 3-6 minutes each.

Btw, I wanted to mention a few more guidelines and things to avoid:

This contest is not for beginners, or those who just want to “try their hand at it”, but for those using professional editing software and who have plenty of experience with it.

Please avoid the use of “teaser” fadeouts, excessive use of slow motion, no “super-slowmo”, no “flashing” effects, and no “coming soon” stuff. This is to be a compilation, not a trailer or teaser video.

Please select music that has more of a rock feel, instrumentals are preferred but not mandatory. Avoid hip hop and/or rap, as that does not fit my style or age, haha.

DO include as much variety as possible. Even though their would probably be an emphasis on MUni, since that is the main thing I do, please also include 36er riding; it can be both on and offroad, 29er, some of my “backyard” trials, like seen in my “Nokia” video, and some UCC footage. Please do not start until we have at least seven participants. I will then announce the official start of the contest. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah I guess you’re right.

I must caution you against being a software snob. You will attract people who can afford expensive software but may not know how to use it, and discourage gifted editors on low budgets.

In photography contests, you will notice there is never a requirement on equipment used, just end product. Exceptions may be made when it’s a contest to promote specific products.

My first photography class in college used to start with everyone buying the same $5 camera, and being required to use it for the duration of that semester. The lesson? Great pictures are not taken by lenses, they’re taken by photographers. Remove your software requirements and judge the outcome on the quality of what people put together.

You make a good point, but I did mention that they must have experience using the pro software. I would consider “prosumer” software, such as Final Cut Express, but not movie maker or the mac equivalent. If I did, then I wouldn’t have any reason for the contest, since I am already very adept at editing with Movie Maker. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to say that I will no longer be able to participate in this contest. Good luck to everyone involved.