Video: Dork on homemade giraffe

Hey all, i built a mini big giraffe yesterday and took it for a spin this morning. It’s super dodgey as the frame is all out of whack. I still need to put a chain tensioner on it because there is a huge amount of chain slop. In this clip i look like a dork cause im leaning forward so far but that was my 8th go ever on a giraffe.



You dont look like a dork, just sit up straight like it was a regular unicycle. its not hard at all. =p

you should really lean back more when you ride.

what was that real dodgy sound, was it the chain or the cranks or the wheel or something mysterious?

yeah i was leaning waaaay too far forward, that was the chain

what size wheel is that? lol I want one:p

Cool! How did you end up lockout out the hub? I assume you have access to welding equipment?

I don’t think there is any reason for you to learn forward like that, have you tried riding it sitting up straight?

P.S. It sounds like somethings wrong with your bearings?

I just want to know why the neck tie?

to lockout the hub i just welded the side of the sprocket onto the hub. The tie was because i was in school uniform

could you please post some picures that show the construction of your unicycle


theres the pictures of my mini big giraffe.

i know what your all thinking, it looks super super dodgey and crappy and is all out of whack, but i dont care because it works and thats good enough, lets not have a huge conversation on how shit it is.

the chain is still a little sloppy but is a lot better with that tensioner wooden thingo on it.

Hey, it looks better than the homemade giraffe that i have! And no you don’t look like a dork… Just a little like frankensteins monster (sticking your arms out the front):wink:

Rock on!

lol, its awesome!

I hope that those booger welds hold up man… I think that would suck to hit the pavement from that high…

Good Luck…