Video - Don't Look Down! - San Diego (10.5MB, 4min13sec)

Don’t Look Down (10.5MB, 4min13sec)

Hey folks. Heres a little vid for your viewing pleasure. Its got a little bit of everything in it. Just have a watch. I think its pretty fun :slight_smile:


Oh hey, lemme know if any of you are getting crappy DL speeds. My boy Will is hosting it at his college and i wasnt getting the best speeds…but that could just be me. So lemme know. haha. thanks

I think it coulda done without the bearded dragon.

pretty good. very good riding, but it was kind of a weird movie. and that lizard part was stupid. and disgusting. still a good movie and excellent riding though, except for that part.

:stuck_out_tongue: omigosh, that lizard was funnnny. lol

WOAH! Nice filming! Smoth riding! Sweet editing!

And a hillarious poopin’-beardie!

that movie was 10x better because of the lizard. dont let anyone convince you to take it out.

amazing riding.


Where in San Diego was that?

What a pile of Sh**!

How did a little reptile like that produce so much of a pile?

Great riding and a really well put together video.

It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, but watching someone riding along a handrail just amazes me.

Good one.


oh man…someone has GOT to make an avatar out of that.

awesome all around movie, riding, editing, styles, sweet video


Fantastic movie! The location was beautiful and the filming really showed it. The riding was great and the editing showed it. I thought the music was fitting too.

I always like shots with more than one rider in them. And the clip where you jump over the fence and down the little drop is really nice beause you don’t expect it to be on a slope with a drop like that.

Great stuff. I’m going to remember this one when Peter and I eventually get around to making a list of big/good movies for .


Id have to say that the lizard and the dudes silloette when he danced was the best parts to that bwahaha…

enjoyed it

Haven’t left too many comments on these forums… but i’ll give a thumbs up to this video

oh man thanks guys!

So i got 2 negative remarks and 4 positive remarks about the eruptive lizzard (Duke). I guess im gonna have it in all my movies from now on then!! haha just kidding.
Ive actually witnessed it with a tortoise before though. I took my tortoise for a car ride one time and it got so scared it left a pile almost as big as it was :astonished: .

Jon and Mike editted the vid. I didnt have any part in it. I think they do such funny things sometimes! Those guys are great.

KC the movie was shot in La Jolla coves (the beach), Cowles Mountain at mission Trials (muniish kinda part) then little bits from around La mesa. Oh and the falls were at La Jolla shores going towards blacks beach, Sunset cliffs, and Balboa park.

Andrew your movies are what i aspire to. Much thanks for the compliments.

Thanks everyone!

very nice, great choice of music too!

Cool, Ive been to most of those places. I used to live in Clairemont area.

Hey everyone, thanks for the comments!

We entered this video into a local film festival and received a “favorites” award, which was very unexpected. Everyone seemed to enjoy very much.
I’m glad everyone is enjoying it on here, aside from the mixed feelings about my bearded dragon…hehe.


That video was freakin’ AWESOME! You should have won 1st place at the film festival!

I had a dragon do that to me once… he was resting on my arm at the time. You would never believe how much can come out of a little lizard…

I really enjoyed the movie! Good job, I hope to see more from you.


Nice movie Eric. You back in California? Permanently or for a while? I am still in Indiana. School ends in 4 weeks!