Video - Des at December unimeet

Just a short video of Des hopping over some blocks at the December unimeet. Not sure how high it was as we didn’t have a tape measure but it was six blocks in the end (Steve could you measure one).

I’ve put it in the gallery (it is DivX encoded BTW)

Cheers, Gary.

Hi Gary,

Each piece is 4 1/2", so that comes to a massive 27". I was certainly impressed. See you at the next meet.


lol i just have to say seat out side hop sucks when you start trials lol, I find rolling hops the best for height but not for control

Who is the rider anyway?


thanks for that gary very cool vid! :smiley:

the rider is me!
well thats about my highest so far.
so you think rolling hopping produces higher hops?any tips?


Learn Long Jump. I found that the best way to learn rolling hops.


Hey Des, thats cool!

Very impressed!

I can jump 25" , but only with the saddle in. My saddle out sucks, and it kills my fingers as I have the carbon fibre base :angry:

I will have to get practing - cant have Des jumping higher than me at my house!!! :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe


How do you get the pedals in the right position when you’re doing rolling hops? Or do you just jump regardless of where the pedals happen to be? My only way is to ride along parallel with whatever I want to jump over and then turn towards it at just the right moment.

Sometimes you can just ride up to something and jump (you get a ‘feeling’ that is going to work - and most of the time it does!).

Othe times, I ride up to were i am going to jump from… get my pedals in the correct possition to jump with, and then ride backwards untill i can get enough speed… then just go for it! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what other people do (as these are the parts that are left of out videos - you just see the jump, not the prep)


I use trial(s)-and-error… start from a gap in the pavement or a twig or something and go for it. If your pedals end up in the right place then jump; if not, look how far out they are, go back to where you started with the right adjustment, and try again. Tada!


regarding getting pedals in the right position.
i do as joe does, you either FEEL it as you ride up to an obstical or before you attempt it u ride up it, get your pedals in the right position, ride backwards, then go for it.

And looking forward to seeing you in just over a week joe (keep up the hopping practise!LOL). and work those forearm mussles for climbing too!