Video: DeepCove muni

Another vid, with our vanuni club doing a muni ride this weekend

There was snow on the mountains, so we went to Deep Cove,-122.948942&spn=0.098224,0.160332&om=1

Fab video. I really enjoyed it.

man, that was great! …all around. Keep making them, cause i wanna see more!:smiley:

good video…but man…you guys really really need to watch it being at the end of that cliff when both the cliff and your tire is wet. that could turn really really bad…really really quick.

Great job! Nice terrain!

Great vid!! Looks like great riding and I liked the scene with everyone bouncing on the rock with the lake in the background, nice visual.

Oh wow, about half way through the video with the guy on that rock I couldn’t help but think “Oh wow, hes going to slip on that, its too wet!” Just after saying that to myself he did, and that could have turned out terrible! Please be more careful!

Awesome video though.

Nice video! I love the rainy atmoshere too.:slight_smile:

Terrific video. It’s the first Muni video that I’ve seen that shows how treacherous the terrain really is. Most others do not capture that. Great job, I look forward to more.

very cool.

Can’t see it:(
Can you post it in WMV. It’s not on (yet?).

That was really good. I liked the shot of everyone doing little micro-hops on top of that big rock all at once. As One on One said, it shows the difficulty of the terrain well. I was very impressed with the riding as well, esspecially the guy in the yellow shirt. Those trails look like a blast, wish we had some like that around here! Nice Video!

Here’s a youtube version, if you’re having trouble with the WMV

I’m glad you enjoy the asthetic shots as well the as technical. Its hard to film good muni, compared to trials/street. The BP trail isnt the best for riding, but is scenic.
I’m pretty sure Yggy would have been okay… there was a ledge below. But his unicycle would have dropped 100 ft if he hadnt caught it with 2 fingers.

wow… I wished I could film like that.

edge of cliff

Nice work on the video Frank – give me the camera for a little while next time and we’ll make sure to get you in there.

For the record, the edge of the cliff did not seem risky-close (it’s all smoke and mirrors!), though I did realize moments later (after the two-finger grab) that my unicycle was in danger of plummeting. So … do I show my wife this video or not??

Haha, that reminds me of a story hell-on-wheel told me at the Bell Isle Muni Weekend. There is a trail that borders a ~50’ drop. One time, he slipped or something, and his uni went plummeting down onto the rocks below. Only damage was a bent frame and part of a pedal though.

do you pull your own focus? great video I enjoyed it alot. I’m trying to figure out how you shot it so well.

Its just a compact camera: Canon 700IS
IS (image stabilization) helps a little. But I used a Sony N1 (til I lost it at Moab) and it was fine too.

Tip: Keep the camera moving
Around the object to get a sense for the size/shape/difficulty
Around the wheel, in close, to see whats going on.
Around the people to get their expressions and some panorama
A bit chaotic camera motion is okay for muni and dance tempo music.