Video: Critical Mass

Warning: contains scenes with bicycles.

Critical Mass

4 unicycles and hundreds of bikes take over the streets of Vancouver.

A bicyclist flipped over his handle bars and was treated to first aid by unicyclist Tynan Rollo.


A bit more blurb about Critical Mass.
It was my first time out… I wasn’t sure what to expect. Which is why I put together this video.

It starts at the Vancouver Art Gallery, went along Howe, then Davie, Denman, then back along Georgia.
That would have been the end, except we u-turned.
Suddenly we filled 6 lanes of Georgia, and amidst cheering/honking, headed thru Stanley Park to Lions Gate Bridge, shutting it down for about 30 minutes.

Many cyclists dressed as pirates and yelled ‘Arrr’ to the cars, and promoted clean air and good fun.
The drivers were good about it. People are especially interested to see unicycles.
Best comment - as we rode by a convertable with a bike in the back seat
“Set it free!”

We had 4 riders out. Tynan on his 29” who often darted ahead of us. Nick on in skinny wheel (26”?). Jon & I on 24’s.

We had no problems keeping up; the traffic jam of bikes was often walking pace.

I had 2 involuntary dismounts. One was in a crowded bit where a bike suddenly stopped. Unlike unicycles, bikes just stop without warning?! I jumped off forward, straddling their wheel, avoiding a pileup. But my unicycle tumbled backwards, getting tangled in a bike trailer.

The other was my shoelace got wrapped around the hub and each rotation got tighter… after about 6 rotations the pedal stopped with my foot tied firmly to the unicycle. I semi gracefully landed on the other foot, dragging the unicycle, but the bike traffic was fast and intense and had to veer around me. Weird. But I wasn’t wearing proper unicycle shoes.

It was a fairly long ride… about 2 hours and 15-20km. After the bridge, we went around Stanley park. Near the hollow tree, a bike stopped suddenly, and the bike behind slammed on the brakes and sent the rider over the handle bars. Tynan applied first aid until a ranger came to help out.

We stopped at first beach, but the bikes continued to Burrard bridge and beyond.