Video competition, PLEASE VOTE!

Hey everyone,

I’ve entered a competition called “Streetmasters”, basically a competition where BMXers, inliners, breakdancers and bike trialers show their skills. I’ve entered the BMX class with unicycling and hope to put unicycling under their attention in a good way. I’d appreciete if everyone on the forums could vote, and promote unicycling in the Netherlands!

I’ve used a lot of old footage, but just wanted to go for the bigger stuff as they’re probably not going to see little technical details.

Cheers and please vote!


It’s already been posted that the link is dead, shortened the URL so it doesnt work but this link should work!

That was pretty tight maybe some more flip tricks next time?

haha i clicked 5 stars and it cames up with some wacky language. What does this mean:
Bedankt voor je stem!

Maak kans op een PSP! Laat hier je naam en e-mail adres achter en je doet automatisch mee aan de loting onder de stemmers!

Let op: Voer een gelding e-mail adres in, je ontvangt een bevestigingsmail om je deelname aan de loting te activeren.

Ja, ik ga akkoord met de actievoorwaarden


"Thanks for your vote!

Get a chance at winning a PSP! Leave your name and e-mail adress on this forum and you’re automatically in the drawing amongst voters!


Note: Fill in a valid e-mail adress, you’ll receive a confirmation mail to activate your participation in the drawing.

Yes, I accept the conditions"

I think it only works for people living in the Netherlands though

I know it’s dutch. I just think it’s fun sounding ignorant every once in a while.

Sick video man. some big rails done aye.
I loved the hops up the sets and those wacky pedal grabs.

I was going to watch some of the other videos but the site slow as well.:o

Very nice. I didn’t know you were that good at big street:o

Awesome vid. Nice rails and cool pedal grabs. Did you half rev that 10 set at the end?

Haha yea, didn’t measure it very well so I had to rev a bit to land properly, that’s why it looks so uber sketchy :roll_eyes: bent my hub on that so didn’t want to give it another try really.

Video compo is going great! Nearly 300 views in 1 and a half day, the most viewed vid has like 800 views and it’s been on there for ages! I’m second in ‘Top rated’ and 6th in moved viewed (BMX class, not overal) already.

Thanks and keep it up guys!

Dam, I wanna see the vid so bad. But the sites not working.

yeah its not working for me either

Its sounding good though. 10 stair half rev, old school to the max :stuck_out_tongue:

Server overload I guess, working again now though! First at top rated, third in most rated and still about 400 views away from being to most viewed in 2 and a half days, notte badde :wink:

Alas, I can’t get it to load either. :frowning: I’ll try again when I get home cause I have such a crappy connection here at work. :wink:

The website loads for me and the video bar loads up but doesnt play :angry:

awsome dustin,
please vote!

lol You did really well to manage that. I always used to measure wrong when I was starting so I would half rev stairs starting from switch. Now I always make sure I’ve lined it up properly lol. Especially for big sets.