Video Competition [AUS]

After last year’s successful video competition the AUS is proud to announce we will be holding another competition for the 2012 edition of UniNats. Uninats will be held in Melbourne 9th - 12th March 2012. The videos can cover any aspect of unicycling. We will hold a movie night at the UniNats where the videos will be judged by the audience.

The video should be no more than five minutes long and in Standard Definition format. High Definition format may not work with our equipment. To enter simply bring your movie to the competition and notify the organisers of your intention to enter.

See the Australian Unicycle Society website for updates.

only australians?

The event is being held in Australia (hence the AUS in the title) but anyone can enter. We usually get a few people from NZ, Canada, US and UK turning up.

Last uninats had some fantastic entries, really excited to see what everyone comes up with this time round.

Might take my camera and film something up there. :slight_smile: