video competition at Unicon

We are going to organize a video competition during next Unicon. We organized one during the last French Cup, which worked pretty well. The candidates only had a month to produce a video. We came up with 7 very good videos. So we can expect to have much more videos and a really interesting competition for Unicon!!


Rules :

  • To compete, one member of the team which produced the video must participate at UNICON
  • the video should be new material and should not be released until after Unicon
  • the film cannot exceed 10 minutes, it must be about unicycling, not a commercial video
  • the public will be the judges during the event, giving the film a rating ; the only benchmark is the best entertainment.
  • offensive movies will not be shown
  • the candidates guarantee free rights (image) for public projection

Because it is necessary to restrict the number of movies, a jury will preselect 10 videos among the candidates. The jury will make the final decision with the selection of the 10 videos to be shown at Unicon.
The candidates will have to upload their video with smaller resolution on a website (we will give you the website address then) before July 1st but only the jury will be able to watch the videos
For Unicon, the selected candidates will have to come with a CD or a DVD of their movie in high resolution and give it to the organizers before the competition. The showing sequence will be a random draw.

Video specifications :

  • The video submitted for the competition should be stored on a computer media. Since the video will be played back from a computer there will be no means to play back tapes of any sort.
    Supported formats :
    USB Key

  • Compression & File format :
    AVI, Quicktime, MPEG and WMV, file size is irrelevant (2GB max for AVI though).

Allowed CODECs :
AVI : MPEG4 and compatible (Divx and Xvid included), DV
QT : Any QT 7 compatible codec
WMV : Any version up to 9

  • Resolution :
    min : 640x480
    prefered : 720x480 NTSC or 720x576 PAL
    You may submit HD files (1280x720 max), however you must provide a standard definition backup file in case of computer slowdowns.

  • Frame rate :
    min : 24 fps
    prefered : 25 fps or 30 fps

  • Sound
    sound must be stereo PCM 44.1khz min /16 bits (CD compliant)
    Please note that uncompressed video is NOT allowed, nor are DVD Files (.VOB). This is for maximum playback compatibility. We highly recommend you use either AVI or Quicktime with DV compression applied for maximum quality, or MPEG2 files at a high bitrate (8Mbps).

These specifications only apply to the final screened video, for preview purposes you can ftp a 320x240 file, compressed sound of any flavour you like ;°)

If you have any technical question or need more information please contact: ntakibazomatayo at hotmail dot com

Mathieu Hagnery and Anne-Sophie Rodet

brilliant there are know age restrictions are there, that sounds like a great idea could we have one at buc too

No age restriction

Mathieu Hagnery

Just a specification as I’ve been asked :

“- To compete, one member of the team which produced the video must participate at UNICON”
It can be either :

  • the person who filmed
  • the person who edited the video
  • one of the main riders (not s.o. who appears only few seconds, but more than that)

Okay we have an ftp server ready for those who want to submit there production to the competition.

Please PM me or send an email to ntakibazomatayo at hot mail dot com and I’ll send you the server info.


When sending a personal message don’t forget to give me your email address.

It was anounced that videos should be uploaded to the Jury before July 1st, this deadline is postponed to july 7.

It would be great, for us the organisers, and also for other competitors, to know how’s planning to enter

Oops, I meant « … who’s planning to enter». It was late last night, and I was a bit disturbed with the French victory I wasn’t expecting against Spain at the world cup

So far:

  • Mathieu Hagnery (France, he will be the voice of the organizers – cameraman, created a uni-video website, selection of the best current videos ,)
  • Olaf Schlote (Germany – created the website)
  • Jeff Groves (Canada – “Spaced Out”)
  • Julien Monney (Switzerland – “A wheel story”)
  • Wolfgang Hennerbichler (Austria – their short video earned 2nd at an extreme sport video competition)
  • Kristian Sommer (Denmark – different short videos)
  • Emiko Kimura, (Japan - former coach of the Toyoda Unicycle Club, our feminine voice)

agreed to be part of the jury

Do not forget you should upload your video before July 7th