Video Competition-A Day in the Life of a Unicyclist

Alright so to pick people’s spirits back up from the last video competiton I’ve decided to start a new one.

It’s a documentary of a day in your shoes. Now we don’t want to see you go to school or go to work cause that’s no fun, make sure it’s going to be a day that you devote to unicycling. Of course you can also do other things in that day but make sure unicycling is a major part of it.

The time length is unlimited and format is a free for all. The only rule is, is that you have to film in it one day and it has to have a documentary feel to it.

I picked this competiton not because I think we’re going to get a bunch of good videos, but because its a challenge. We all know we’re not hitting that 100cm side hop every day or being 100% consistent with our flat tricks. Therefore you have to make an enjoyable video without relying on your awesome skills.

The goal is to make a potentially boring(to watch) practice session and make it into an amazing video.

Good luck! I’ll make the deadline about 2 months from now depending on how everyone’s videos are coming along.

I think that’s a pretty good idea!!

Its a real challenge to make it good while a documentary.

I think the deadline shouldn’t be 2 months if its only a video of 1 day of filming because it only takes 1 day to film! ha but yeah editing probably won’t take that long either… Just a suggestion though… its your competition.


Yea if people start sending me videos sooner then we’ll start the judging sooner. Does that mean your in?

wow, nice idea. I think a bunch of people would join this because you have to film in one day and focus on editing and stuff instead of trying to get your best tricks crammed into a movie by a certain deadline.

Yea it’s a lot easier for people that have busy lives. And also you don’t have to be the best rider in the world to win. Videos nowadays only get comments if they have awesome riding. I want to recognize the beginners that are creative and interesting people even if they can’t hop the curb.

Can we do a combined one?

As in two people? Yes.

If you ride with people, then that’s a part of your life, so you should put it into your video.

I’d totally be in on this if I had a camera.

Yeah 5 of us from chicago (more they want to come) are planning a meet up ride on winter break and this would be a cool possibility.

I’ve been mulling this idea over for over a year. I guess it’s time to go for it!:slight_smile:

It takes months to make a good documentary lol. ill give it a go though.

Great I’m glad to hear people are willing to give it a shot.

I’ve made the deadline in a month on January 10, 2009.

So we’re going to shoot for that date, if I don’t have enough entries though I’ll extend it.

Does anyone have any objections in the host entering the comp? I just bought a microphone for my camera so I really want to try it out.

Yeah im in!!! I’m Stoked!!! :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: ;):D:D

I kinda want to do this…

But I don’t have much time.

what if the practice session turns out to be a good one ?

Great idea. Wish I could be in, maybe will. Man though for me, my skills go up and down alot it seems. I was pushing 40in months ago, now I’m getting 33’-35. Haven’t been riding. Poo.

Really awesome idea though.

Video Competition-A Day in the Life of a Unicyclist

Woke up, got out of bed
put helmet upon my head
Hopped my way downstairs and drank a cup
And looking up, i noticed there was 8!

Found my trials, and grabbed my hat,
jumped the bus, in seconds flat!
hopped my way upstairs and had a smoke
and bent a new spoke and I went into dream…

I’m in. :sunglasses:

This is a wikkid idea! Can’t wait to see the results from this. If I had a video camera I’d even give it a try!

If I could get Jer and Phil in on this I’d do it.
That way it would be fun and not just me smoking weed

If the practice session turns out to be a good one, then I guess it will be easier for you to make your video entertaining.

As for goats on a unicycle that would be pretty sweet to see you go unicycle while smoking weed.