Video codecs [Was Re: unicycle club on TV]

To run many of the avi videos that have been posted on this newsgroup, you
have to have the DivX codec installed.

I don’t know how it works on a Mac, but on a PC you download a small
executable (currently DivX 4.12) from and run it to install the
codec on your PC.
(Click “Download” on the left, then select “codecs”.)

Then your best bet is to download the movie to your computer’s hard drive.
After it is downloaded, play it with Windows Media Player. Most likely you
can just double-click the avi in Windows Explorer and Media Player will

Anybody know how this works on the Mac?

The raw video-capture file (uncompressed) for the 2-minute unicycle club
was about 600Mb in size. To make them manageable, video files are compressed
using various “codecs”. Many codecs are bundled with Windows, but DivX is
not. The DivX codec is popular for videos on the web because it achieves a
high degree of compression. The downside is that it takes a fair amount of
computer horsepower to play back the video. On a slow computer, the video
will lose its continuity and appear as a jumpy slide-show.

I used the following hardware/software to capture the movie:
Standard (non-digital) VCR
450 Mhz PC with Win2000
An MTV878 TV tuner/video capture card ($50 on eBay)
An old version (4.2) of Adobe Premiere LE (video editing software – $10 on

Ideally, I would have compressed the audio track using MP3 but I can’t seem
to get that working in my old version of Premiere, so the audio is
uncompressed, which probably adds a couple of Mb to the file size.

BTW a video capture card is a lot of fun. I played with a WebCam for a while
(using a yard-sale camcorder). Also I can capture segments from unicycling
videos (from tape) so I can play them over and over to see how it is done.
For the more mind-boggling moves, I make a slow-motion version.


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