VIDEO: CMW 2006 (Bits 'n pieces)

I finally got around to editing what little video footage I had from this year’s CMW event. My dv tape literally self-distructed before I could capture even 50% of the footage to my laptop, so what remains is minimal, but at least it’s something.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the trials comp, or Sunday’s ride, so that’s not in the vid; really only bits 'n pieces from the first day at the Tahoe rim trail…remember? 13 miles long (mostly UPHILL ‘till the very end!) and 8,750’ up? Brutally cold and very challenging, but waaaay fun! If you were there, look for yourself in the video! Anyway, hope you enjoy! :D:) :roll_eyes:



I liked that 360 spin off that big rock, too bad he fell.

Great video!! Makes me wish I lived in California even more! (Anyone know if there are any events like this in the northeast?)

Cool, you drove by my house:)

Yep, and sortof last saturday when me & perry drove to Evan’s house for muni at Pratt.Lookin’ forward to trying San Ysidro trail! Have you muni’d there? If so, what do you think of it?

Good video Terry, to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of most of your videos, I don’t know what it is about them, but this one was definatly worth watching. I found it very entertaining.

Great job.

I have never been to San Ysidro, I have done Pratt a few times with Evan though.

Thanks for that, but I would really appreciate it if you could try to explain what it is about my other vids that maybe you don’t like…I’m always ready for constructive criticizm. Of course, I realize that you can’t please everyone, and you really have to just follow your own instincts, I try my best to make all of my vids entertaining by injecting a variety of qualities during the editing process. In recent videos, I’ve also dispensed with all those fancy, but really useless transitions, in favor of simple cuts. Anyway, I always respect and look forward to everone’s feedback. :smiley:

Probably the biggest thing that I find bothers me is I’m constantly hearing the words niceee, that was NICE!!, :p, iunno, another word or just muted talking would help. I am also more of a fan of videos where the video is almost coreographed around the music, your seem to be an organized highlight real with background music, which is great for getting the overall feeling of a ride, but for me personaly it can make it less enjoyable to watch. Unless of course its something as large as this and for that your style works great.

I know what you mean about the redundant use of the word “nice” and other similar stuff. It’s really just a natural reaction when I/we see a fellow rider complete a line or just to encourage them. I hereby pledge to MUTE out any useless commentary and only use sound bites that are humorous or otherwise not redundant! Thanks for the feedback! That was…“Nice!”:smiley:

hahah, you don’t have to mute out everything, and I tend to do the same thing, encouragement is great, but I often find it makes the video feel amateurish. (is that a word?)

Cool video. I love that song, heh.

But please, define ‘brutally cold’.

Ha, it wouldn’t have been cold to you, it was cold enough that I couldn’t feel my hands (no gloves) but not like Canadian winter cold;)

I would say probably “harsh”, or “severe” as quoted below from the Webster’s dictionary. (It also references “brutal weather”.

Main Entry: bru·tal
Pronunciation: 'brü-t&l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French or Medieval Latin; Middle French, from Medieval Latin brutalis, from Latin brutus – more at BRUTE
1 archaic : typical of beasts : ANIMAL
2 : befitting a brute : as a : grossly ruthless or unfeeling <a brutal slander> b : CRUEL, COLD-BLOODED <a brutal attack> c : HARSH, SEVERE<brutal weather> d : unpleasantly accurate and incisive <the brutal truth> e : very bad or unpleasant <a brutal mistake>

  • bru·tal·ly /-t&l-E/ adverb

Also making it seem MUCH colder was the wind-chill effect. It literally felt clse to freezing at certain points! If I had to do it again, one thing I would have worn would have been ear muffs…for sure! :astonished:

It gets to -20c here in the winter where I live.

By no means is that brutal. I go biking in that weather…

That’s 28* below freezing! (-20c = -4f) That’s not brutal? Many have died from exposure to temps much higher than that!

I have two photos of me riding in -30 degree (not including windchill) weather in nothing more than some long pants (and pads of course) and a hoody, I also had half finger gloves at the time. It was a cold two hours of taking pictures but it was for a friend of mine so it wasn’t that bad.

You get used to the cold once you live in it long enough. Sure it sucks but its like the heat in some areas, you just get used to it. Actualy I think I have an unnatural body heat or something because in our kitchens at school everyone is always complaining about them being freezing but I tend to find the just nice and perfect.

I live in the very south of Canada… -20c is nothing, you should go to Yukon, or Alaska.