Video clip of Adam freemounting the giraffe

Hi all,

Ben taught Adam (14) to mount the giraffe with the running jump mount. There are two video clips of Adam’s success on page 4 of our gallery:

We’ve also added other pictures and video clips from our club practice last night, Monday, June 10, 2002. During the summer when the school gymnasium is not available, we meet at the Gazebo in a downtown Rochelle park. It’s very nice and very visible. Nice thing is that it’s across the street from the fire dept and paramedic squad just in case…


Public property damage

Some of the pictures we just posted in our gallery feature the beautiful downtown Gazebo, a cedar structure built by the community two years ago. There are a few benches built into the walls inside the Gazebo and, sadly to say, the edges of the benches are chewed to pieces from grinding skateboarders. We were approached by some of the local surrounding shopowners last week who observed the skateboarders distroying the property to make sure we weren’t also causing damage. It allowed me to make a good lesson point to our club kids on the priviledge we are allowed in using the facility and that I expect our unicyclists to set an example of a “cut above” type of person and sport.


Very nice summer area, however, I doubt that all your 2 members would be able to fit in that gazebo during bad weather. Nice area though.
-DAvid Kaplan

No, unfortunately during inclement weather, we have to cancel practice for our 2+ members. In the fall, we’ll get the Elementary school back on Monday nights and hopefully a Jr. High School gym on Friday nights.