Video Capture Advice Needed

Hi Everybody,

Our unicycle club, The Wonders, is being featured on January 24th on a local PBS video-magazine show called Dave & Dave’s Excellent Adventures. Very exciting stuff for us. Do any of you have experience capturing video off of TV, and any suggestions for the best way to do it? I’ve got a cheapo JVC mini-DV camcorder that has some plugs that I assume are “OUT” in direction. Is it possible to hook this thing up and capture to the mini-DV format camcorder? I also have Pinnacle Studio 8 software on my computer.

Thanks in advance for any help.


You will need a device that has an “analog input”. Most DV camcorders have a digital IN, but only an analog out.

What you need is something that will convert the video from your cable box TV or VCR to a digital signal. You have three options :

  • Either you borrow a higher end camcorder that has an analog in (aka composite/s video in). Record to mini DV and digitize that tape w/ your software.

  • Either find a box that will convert composite signal to DV through firewire (or MPEG2 over USB2 for some models).

  • Either buy a PCI card that has an analog Input for less than a hundred bucks.

Thanks, I have a cord that hooks into the camera, and when I set some switch to A/V in, IT WORKS!! I guess this little cheapy is going to work for me for a while. Thanks for the help…