Video Cameras

So I’m thinking about saving up for a REALLY nice video camera, because I would like to sart taking HD unicycle videos. I’m thinking about getting this or possibly an HDV-Z1U. Anyone have experience with these cameras? I’m interested in getting a camera that can get a great quality picture in low-light conditions without the annoying grainy effect.

Do you have money to hire a camera man?

Because that’s what you need to take good footage.

Why do you think I need a cameraman?

We dont need a camera man. Just have to ask your girlfriend if they want to record you. =p

Or just record your girlfriend. Video might turn out a little more awesome in my case, haha.


too true

That camera is so expensive though.

I dont know much about the camera world, so I cant help, but that one sounds good.

Send a PM or e-mail to Brian MacKenzie. He knows a lot about cameras like that, and glidecams, and has amde some great unicycling DVDs.