video camera

I dont know anything about video cameras, but i want one. What can i get for $250? All i want it to do is be able to work on the computer (like the vids i see on this site) and be able to put it in a tape to watch on TV, any subjestions to a good camera for me?

idk get a good truck proof one :smiley:

for 250$ you cant get anything really haha

okay, okay, ill go higher but i still want a cheaper one

video cameras are expensive, especially when you want anything of any quality. You’re looking at over two grand for any model with triple-ccd, which gives amazing image quality but is of course expensive.

In the 250-500$ range, your options are basically small-lensed consumer cams, and so you should probably look to panasonic or sony, check out some of the many good review sites on the web. You’ll probably want mini-dv (if you have a firewire port), so you can upload digital footage to your computer to mess with it. Don’t expect any miracles though, the cameras in this range really aren’t that great, and that’s often an understatement. :q

Panasonic, Canon or Sony (in that order)

I use a canon optura 40, which is quite nice. Not pro or anything, but it works, and I like it.

I think I’m getting a video camera for Christmas , too.I didn’t $250 cameras are that bad.

well I just chked… these are the 2 cheapest there :

the cannon is refurbsihed tho… I think I might get the samsung for my self tho.