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We are looking to buy a digital camcorder to record some uni videos, can you guys recommend a camcorder that we should get, and what kind of specs should we look for… there are some good looking videos in the galleries, and we would like something that can shoot just as well… all opinions and advice are welcome… thanks in advance!

My uncle has a Sony, but I can’t remember the model. It’s quite small with a great zoom. Not the cheapest one available but it’s not too expensive. I don’t know too much about DV-cameras, but Sony might be a good option.

my video was all shot (with the exception of 2 clips) with a sony d something something 250 digital video camera. i payed about 800 canadian after tax and warranty and stuff for it. i love it. im getting a wide angle lens this christmas! i cant wait. and its also important to have a good editing program. jvc camcorders are nice too… 2 of my friends have those. thats all i have to say, Kevin


Thanks for the advice Kevin, your video is awesome. By the way, what is the first step I should take in learning how to crank grind, and whats the best surface to start out on? (I can already crank & pedal grab and crank & pedal climb) Thanks again!

Thanks to you too joona!

A friend of mine wants to get a cammera. This is the one we are looking at:

I don’t see how you can beat the price.

Your thoughts?


daino149, that camcorder looks pretty good, that is the cheapest website I can find it on too! Do you know what it comes with on that website, and is it refurbished? I can’t find that info on there. But, hey looks good… I say it is something to consider.

It looks like the camera for sale on that site doesn’t even come with a battery. Be very suspicious!

if you look below the picture on that site, you have to pay 356$ for the whole package or soemthing… oh… the “executive package”. looks like all the stuff there is pretty much necessary to use the camera anyway. and masked riders… i suggest a bench with a slight downward slope to learn grinding on, but use a plasic pedal. (go find a bench somewhere in your city, put one end up with bricks or something, throw on some wax, and then go for it.) probably best to discuss in a grinding topic though lol.

see ya, Kevin

When I bought mine I just bought the cheapest sony available (as I expect to break it soon, its been skiing, diving and down hill mountainbiking with me :slight_smile: ). You really wont go far wrong with Sony, they always do well in reviews.

The extra feature that I would like, but only seems to be available on expensive models, is ‘Analogue in’. This would allow me to connect a separate tiny camera for better moving shots.


I personaly prefer cannon video cameras and what we use for our ski movies and unicycle movies is lots of cannon zr75’s they are lightweight small digital cameras and have a great zoom on them. and high quality good resolution digital filming.