Video: BC Shov-it (no handed unispin)

I was out riding a bit today, and decided to try a few bc shov-its again. I have been able to do them static for a long time, but i could never really roll out of them. So today I tried them on a slight incline, and landed one, and then rolled out after a few minutes of attempts. I have tried them rolling but it is much much much harder (ill get it eventually, maybe it will be in my Progression Video:D ). I believe I am the first to get this (as far Spencer and I know)? Anyway here is the video clip, see what you think.

Video (3mb i think)

Nice job! That looks really hard to do!:slight_smile:

Dude. That was really cool.

good job!

I like spencer’s vid more. he falls like 20 times and hurts himself before he lands it:)

nice job though.

i need to get a bc wheel.

sounds like you ran into some bricks :smiley:

good job, you make it look so easy

Wait, when did Spencer land shuv it’s? Did I miss that?

Perdy cool BTW. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments. I just tried a few rolling ones a bit ago. waaaaaay harder. hopefully ill beable to get though.

spencer can only get the hand shov its. he was trying static ones a while ago with me. We both were able to spin it staticly, and then land for a sec and fall off (im guessing his video is still in his gallery. i know mine still is.)

yea, it’s still in his gallery. ryou would need to kick the bc so hard for rolling shove it’s becuase it would be like a big gyro and not want to move.

dude that was SOO SMOOTH!

I watched that a few times just because it was cool to watch

Yeah, thats awesome. We were both trying them a looong time ago and we both gave up. I tried about 3 today and decided I don’t want to learn them because practicing them is not fun :roll_eyes:

I would love to be able to do it, I just don’t want to spend all that frustrating time practicing.

Ossum! :slight_smile:

Thats really awesome. I cant wait to see people doing them down stairs and into grinds and stuff.

AWESOME MOVE best i’ve ever seen on a BC wheel in fact-

Makes me want to get a BC right now!

Really awesome man!

Almost time to start doing them off set, and excuse my lack of BC termanology, 360 shov-its.

that is so cool! i wanna see the out takes if there are any1

watch spencer’s shov-it vid:)

that was way sweet.