Video- Basement Freestyle

Alright i finished my first video using my sister’s digital camera (i did all the filming in about 1/2 hour.) It only lets you take 1 minute films so the quality isnt that good. Im getting a video camera tomorrow (hopefully). Ive been riding from May 05. Some of the tricks include wraps, crankflips, and unispins. Enjoy.

that was well good do you do all your crankflips sif? Its good to do it on carpet because that last bail would have really hurt outside. have you got that side wheel walk thing down (the avater of JSM you only showed us a small clip?


Nice crankflip SIF.
Very cool how your feet just doesn’t touched the ground.

nice way to start off my day. thansk for that man. youll get that 360 spin hopefully i will too. ya been at it hard? and nice crankflip ive never even tried those.

Ya i thought my foot did touch the ground but then when i re watched it i was lsurprised it didnt. I decided to film a better one anyway.

I dont have the side wheel walk totally down yet. Outside, i can get over 10 meters alot of the time, i just have trouble with the transistions.

That was cool. I just learned sif crankflips a few days ago, I’m surprized that you learned crankflips that way from the start. I think that sif flips are called silly flips.
Good job:)

Well the first crankflip i landed was
seat in on my generic 20" with the seat all the way down. I took it apart a while ago and was too lazy to put it back together so i just learned them seat in front on my freestyle because the seat is very high and i didnt want to wrack.

Sif flips should be helpful if i want to learn unispin crankflips too.

Yeah thats why I learned sif flips. I have been trying to do crankflip unispins starting from seat in but its too hard so then I learned sif flips and then it started raining and I havent ridden since.

That was pretty good riding, especially for being in a small space like that with no freedom to move. I think you should get a trials uni.

Your gettin good. I saw a vid of you doin 180 unispins 2-3 months ago and you were doin unispins to seat drop and crankflips and crankflip 180’s. From then on i wanted to learn a unispin, I almost have it but not quite.