Video: After Midnight Riding

Ok, so I was waiting for Spencer to send me a clip on MSN, so I went outside to film a few tricks because i was bored (the time was about 12:20 AM). I filmed for around 10 minutes then came back in, and decided I might as well just make a short video because I was kind of bored. The editing took alot longer then the filming itself but here it is. Two versions, I would recommend the 9.45mb version, because its easier to see the flip tricks (all the flip tricks in the video (it is hard to tell), are back crankflips or a variation of them. im guessing people would ask about that since it is kind of hard to see).

After Midnight Riding 9.45 mb (i cant this uploaded, if i could send this to someone and they could upload let me know)

After Midnight Riding 3.77 mb

I am not sure if i will get the 9.45mb version up, but youll have to scroll down to find it.

cool vid. has someone actually done this flippy seat thing and ridden off?

Kaycee has, and I know others have too.

Cool video I liked the back crankflip down.

ps: It appears your shirt is not proportional to your pants. If you got one size smaller or a slim fit T to match the pants it would be proportional. Don’t want to come off as an ass hole jus a thought.

nice vid. I rode at midnight once…a bit overrated i think :stuck_out_tongue:

i love night riding, its nice and cool outside

Cool, what was that first trick you did? I’m not sure…

Uhh… bigger pants?

sweet the server is overloaded!!!

night ridings great! dont have to deal with the people saying dumb things… cuzz they arnt out as much… and its dark so they arnt sure what they are seeing… wee

nice video!

Could someone fill me in on how to watch the video? I waited a couple minutes and it doesn’t show.

did you press play? :smiley:

thats some nice flip tricks. i wish i was that good. i wanna learn but i need a trials uni first though.