Video a week - for a year!?

hey everybody
I was thinking earlier that i enjoy making videos and have recently got back into unicycling after an injury so im going to try and make one video every week for a whole year
I think this will be a great way to track my progress and also possibly improve my editing skills ones i get premier back! :smiley:
I’m thinking all videos are only going to contain clips filmed in that week, so as to keep the “progress tracking” thing up to date, and also hopefully to keep the tricks fresher.
so i’ll start this off with a few clips from today!

If you want to keep track of my little project then please press the subscribe button on my youtube page:

Thanks a bunch, all comments and (constructive) criticisms are welcome :smiley:

Only thing I really have to say is to try to eliminate all the prehops, or at least edit them out of the clips. Good luck with your project, I’ll check in now and then to see how you’re progressing.

thanks eli, i’ll try :smiley:

you should start workin on your static sif sidehops immediately as well.

i actually started yesterday, but not static, with prehops. i think i managed 3 pallets a couple of times :smiley:
but can i ask, is there any particular reason for static rather than with a prehop?
thanks :slight_smile:


it teaches you how to actually tuck, not just bounce up to the object. it’s when i started static that my hops really improved.

plus, not every ledge has the room to prehop.

and, usually when you hop onto a high ledge to hop onto something else, you won’t have enough room to prehop.

it’s just good to know how to hop without a prehop, youll get better control, and it’ll help to reduce setup hops.

it is annoying to have to drop your hopping height to start static, but give it time…it’s well worth it.

plus it just looks good.

Ahh, everything makes sense now
thanks :slight_smile: i’ll go out in a bit and practise static hops then!
do you think it’d be beneficial to purely practise SIF for a while? when it comes to hops at least

yeah definitely.

i used to hop seat in, but i never do anymore.

if you still want to learn seat in hopping you can, but i think sif is more important. you should put more into sif.

I think w/ every week it would be hard to keep them looking fresh, w/ different locations, tricks, and obstacles.

IMO every other week would be a lot of vids while still challenging yourself to improve, and find new locations and (or make new obstacles, w/o getting too repetitive.

I’m doing the same thing, though I don’t have a time limit (I’m thinking every 2 months or so roughly). I think it’s great to have videos to look back on - it really helps boost your moral when you are feeling like you have made no progress. Looking back at my 2 previous videos I’m blown away by how much I’ve improved!

Oh and nice video :slight_smile: I enjoy seeing videos like this on the forums, While watching someone pull 540’s off 5 sets can be entertaining I like to see more people showing off their skills at my level of riding :slight_smile:


right, im thinking i’m going to change this to a video a month for progress videos, then little videos every week. :smiley:
so yeah, may video coming soon? :stuck_out_tongue: