VIDEO - 3rd Belle Isle Muni Weekend

Video quality’s not the best, I just threw it together on MovieMaker real quick. 15.1 MB.


For anyone that didn’t see the previous thread about it, this is a little event HoW puts on every year (or so). This one was last weekend, and a lot of fun. The riders are:
James (siafirede)
Skippii (Skippii)
Frank (hell-on-wheel)
Hunter (DK)

I like it! Looks like ya’ll had a really good time:D

I like it… especially the end


Cool vid!
…No knives?

Sorry, I just couldn’t make it “work”. There’s a bunch of good clips that there wasn’t room for (shoulda picked a longer song). Anyway, I’ll try and add a little “extra footage” album tonight, which will definately include knife juggling.

Hunter - I’m a journalist, anything I get is fair game.:smiley:

We should have used Cyndi Lauper - Gunis are Good Enough!

who is the guy with the long pink hair ?


Hahaha, nice video frank!

Im glad you went with the misfits song, haha. Saturday was a lot of fun.

Aren’t you required to have a cameo of your GF in every movie?

Great video:)


I’m a rad thread killer

Or else I’m scaring them of with the pics of me in Kimkim’s bed…and her pants.

I know, I know, it’s been nearly a month, but here’s the rest of the footage from BIMW3 that is even remotely worth saving, moonpies and all. They’re mostly 20 sec. clips, except “rocks”, which is about 2 min.

Enjoy, sorry for the delay, school and such. Anyone wanna ride after exams?

Oh, and Skippii - Wendy’s cameo is at the end when Hunter begins his marathon guni run…that’s her standing to the left in the BSU parking lot.