Vid of my 2 years of unicycling

Heres a video someome at my club made of me. Its basically from when I joined to today but not in chronological order. It wasnt me who edited it or anything so dont tell me you dont like the music. Enjoy.

Heres the link

EDIT: If your not going to watch the whole thing watch the stylish mount at 36 seconds. O yea I added a peace sign at the end , copying you know who.

You have some great skills there! And I’m honored, lol. :sunglasses: :):smiley:

wow, your really good. You have a very wide variety of tricks and they were all performed cleanly for what I could tell. Keep it up.

Question: In New York City, where do you find places that aren’t too crowded to ride. It seems like it would be very hard.

Keep up the riding, you’re doing fantastic::slight_smile:

My favorite part was the hop up the four stair at the end.

Funky Fresh.

yea, the varial suicide mount and the 4 set rolling hop were really good.

hellz yeah i like the music man…shit makes me wanna go ride…im superbad…lol awesome…actually made me feel kinda good!

Um I dont know. I pretty much ride anywhere no matter how many people are there. The club meets at Grants tomb and theres usaually not to many people there but everyonce in a while a tour group of a wedding will come through

Thanks. I popped my tube jumping up the 4 set tho:(

Cool. I like your last video better though

I liked my last video a little bit better too. It had more street tricks which im more interested in. I liked this video tho because it has more of the stufff I can do besides crankflips and unispins.You might also like the other one better because the tricks were planned. I tried my tricks for the camera. This vid was mostly candid shots of me just riding and practicing.

Question: does anyone else think my arm looks really weird when I 360.

Well it looks really floppy and long

You don’t have the right to use the peace sign anymore, Terry.

Here’s the proof:

History of the peace sign:

More about nuclear energy:
nuclear power - Google-haku :stuck_out_tongue: --The Supreme.

You may choose the more anti-war meaning of the peace sign, but as we all know, that, too, is not in line with this candidate:

Thanks for the semi-threadjack.

Nice skills man!

Sure, no problem.

I would like to see a video from you with all recent footage. The low level freestyle kind of drags.

A full coker suicide mount would be cool-I was a bit disappointed when you took hold of the seat again.

And what’s up with the video spending as much time on your jump DOWN the 4 as your rolling hop UP?

Ah I dont know why the vid spent as much time on my jump down as my jump up. I didnt edit it. I guess the jump down didnt need to be shown in slo mo or anything.

Next time I have a vid ill try and make it myself and be sure to include a full coker suicide mount:). I probly wont have another vid for a while tho since my riding has seemed to plateaued. No doubleflip yet:(