Vid of Chris riding small stone waterfall

It is hard to tell because of the perspective, but he was riding on a 9 or 10 inch wide (I think) lip. A fall either way would land him in water. This was a cool moment from yesterday.



That’s cool Chris!! I can’t focus mentally enough to ride narrow stuff like that. At least if you fell in, you could use the 3 inch Gazz as a floatation device.

you must have got your shoez wet already unless you somehow flew up there.


Yes, he also had to mount the cycle on that same lip that he rode across, because (the perspective makes it hard to tell) the bridge / railing is about 2 or 3 feet away from him. However, my camera’s “quick web quality” mpgs are limited to 15 seconds, so I didn’t have room to get the mount.

As for “Mack Daddy”, ask Tommy. That was him saying that. :slight_smile:


Very nice video. As soon as it gets a bit nicer here in NY, and all the fountains are on, I am planning to do some stuff like that. I would also like to get a fine that actually says “penalty for riding a unicycle accross a fountain” I think it would be worth the $$$.
-David Kaplan

I was going for another lap, when I became a bit distracted by the crowed yelling, “Police!” Ted and I faced the music while the rest of the MUC faded into the background. I suppose someone had to be left to pass the hat and post bail. Still, you would have thought that they all were on the Uni.5…



So True!

When the bike cops showed up Celeste, Lewis and I pretended that we didn’t know Chris and Ted and sort of slid away hoping to avoid a scolding. As reprted by Chris and Ted, the cops were really cool about it. They asked these rouge unicyclists to not be a “bad example” to all the folks watching. Christopher IS the Mack Daddy!

Woo hoo! Nice one! Did you actually make the trip back after hopping around?


Nope. That is when the cops showed up. All the spectators start shouting “cops!”. I hit stop only a couple of seconds later and look up, and I see Chris climbing off to talk to the waiting cycle police, who I believe were just outside the shot on the right.

However, I will say that Chris did the waterfall twice without falling either time. After he did it once, we knew I had to go back for the camcorder.



got any more eye candy ?are you holding out on us?

…do you have more cool videos for download ? It’s great to see unitrial and muni in videos !



Chris and I are hoping at some point to do some filming and get up some videos that are as enjoyable to other unicyclists as to us. :slight_smile: Most of the ones I have up now are special to me because friends are in them.

Still, that same directory has other unicycle videos:

The more interesting ones might be:

There are a LOT of other videos up there, but many are just sentimental (but all contain unicycling footage, often of no educational of WOW interest). Even if / when we do put up more useful videos, they wont be super WOW stuff necessarily.

We would have put up a bunch of stuff sooner, but Chris was pretty busy recently.