vid ideas....

my new vids gonna be out in like a week. im learning new stuff like crazy lately. anything anyone wants to see inparticular? just a name a trick or some combo… ill try whatever really. no trick (within reason…lol) right now is rally out of my reach really i dont think. im just mroe confident and blananced lately. i dont know why i only ride 2 hrs a week but i kill at it when i do and my shots are tight…do people still say tight…? yea its tight. ummm yea anyways i already got a bunch of shots but give me some ideas if theres anything anyone wants to see. holla.


back flip

I wanna see your perfect 360 unispin! :slight_smile:

and… don’t know what you already have… step arounds are cool. Good luck with the video though

You should learn some of those crank roll tricks, those look cool and are similar to your style.

Yeah! I was trying those the other day… they’re hard for me, but I can’t even do leg around twice very well, haha

whoah jonny isnt dead… anyway 90 unispin to landing with one foot on and back, step around, with seat drop variant, and a u-spin of your choice… all in one clean shot


yea i can try all that. not too hard. man im gonna have to get all my remaining shots in one day. i work 7 days straight this week…kthxbye… plus school 5 of those days and its taking a toll on me. i never get to ride much really. huzzah for labor day.

Any of the open spots of this page are welcome!

Do a screamin’ seamin seat drop, that would be sweet. (Screamin’ seamin = legs crossed)

seat in 360 uni-spin to seat in

Oh yes, they are right up his alley. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone other than Dan and Xavier do those, and they’re not that hard (well, I can’t do them…)

Is there a name for those?

SIF backwards wheelwalks.

SIF backwards one foot coasts.

glide to stand up glide pirouette to small spin, I would add into a wheelwalk to that but if you can do up to the small spin then anything after just isn’t as impressive it just adds to the flow.

Challenging enough for you?

Stand on seat coasting.

Any flip trick.

HEre’s one I’ll bet has never been done: hop with frame parallel to ground,(seat touching ground also, as in seat drop) flip entire wheel 180 over frame, balance on pedals with uni completely upside down on seat, then flip back to normal. :astonished:

What’s this crank rol you speak of?

MuniAddict, i have actualy seen that done before. I saw a vid of it. I can try and find it although it was like a year ago andi forget where it was.

‘‘crank rolls’’ i can do. they look cool, agreed, but mostly if you roll one and the other back to back so they do a full rotation, halfs on that isnt worth it unless you combo a leg around with it. ill combo it, i didnt consider those too much. two things im hoping to pull through is a 450 unispin and a crankflip. not some crazy hickflip…trey flip…just a simple crankflip. im really close i just need to get the cranks rotating a little more. who knows, no guarantees. regardless dont expect anything life changing, just a simple jonny vid. more fun than hard is how i keep it; you already know. at the same time though, i want to bring a whole lot of new stuff…cuz excess vids with no improvement are so passe. holla at me. oh and to all my main people…ive been wanting to talk to yall about it, and show it to you all first so you can tell em what works and what doesnt as usual…but msn and aim arent working for me…all the troubleshoot bs and what not so ill jsut have to go with my gut. that said, keep it real everyone.


With one hand.

Julien? You here?