Vid and pics: 3 Wheeled Giraffe and broken seat post.

Here is a video of me doing some stuff on a 3 wheel giraffe:

There are up close pictures of the giraffe here:

After that I was riding my Kh 20" did a small hop and the seat came off, didn’t get a video, but have some pics:

And here is my freestyle uni I put together a month ago:

I like the paintjob!

Oh, I forgot to mention the video is only 0:56 long and like 3 mb.

Is that a Nimbus X frame on the freestyle uni? What kind of tire/hub/cranks/etc. do you have on it?

EDIT: One more thing, do you have any freestyle videos of yourself? I want to see how good you are! :smiley:

My freestyle uni is:
Primo tire, 48 spoke wheel set, quax 114 cranks, Bedford-semcycle type frame power coated yellow (on loan from my brother) and Seat (United seat base with foam cut off, KH fusion foam and cover)

I am going to get a fame with custom neck length once they become available. I haven’t decided on the color yet but i was thinking black, red, yellow or orange. What do you think?

I’d definately go with orange. It would look really awesome with that red tire.


Ahem… /\ /\ /\

Ill make a video some time. I only ride that unicycle in the gym to prolong the life of the tire and not rip the bumperless seat cover so I only ride it about 2-5 hours a week.

C’mon, take it outside or in your garage. Tires don’t cost much, just get a new one when it wears out…

Interesting. I’ve always wanted to try one of those. It’s too bad it has a sloping crown, because it would be so cool to do stand-up wheel walk on it.:slight_smile:

The giraffe looks like fun… you must get some wild comments riding that puppy in public… and it’d shut up the “Where’s your other wheel” people! :slight_smile:

Obviously it must be heavier than a regular giraffe… how does it survive your UPDS? There must be extra stress on the seat / pedals / etc when it smacks the ground…

Also, how do you mount the thing? Can you still easily step off the lowest tire to get up to the pedals? I’m a giraffe newbie and am thoroughly amazed with your contraption :stuck_out_tongue:

The frame is basically a very long shwinn frame, so it is very heavy. I have never dropped it, I always grab the seat when I fall. If it landed on the pedals it could do some damage because they are cottered cranks

I have tried to do it by putting my foot on the first tire, but there is not enough room. You have to go directly to the pedals, which are pretty high, so standing on a curb or stairs helps.

My club owns the uni, and it was donated to us by Randy Judkins.
However the seat is mine :smiley:

Nice little clip, how hard is it to ride one of those…?


It is very easy, they are very heavy (cuz it has 3 wheels :p) and the wheels can slip on each other if you stop/start to quickly, if there’s not enough air in them or if they are wet or dirty. Otherwise its just like a normal giraffe.

He’s a cool guy. I bought an old Miyata Flamingo from him for $15. When I got home, my brother was so impressed that he went back and bought the other one he had for sale.

We should contact him and get him on our website :smiley: