I cleared a 3 set today!!! Did it three times. Decided to quit while I was ahead, for today. I spent about an hour lining things up to get the perfect crank position. Then I just did it. I didn’t even think about it and now I wonder why it took me so long. I am so happy right now!! Thanks to those that gave me help.

:smiley: :smiley:

Wow wow what, you spent an hour linein things up!?

huh. For clearing stairs I static hop em first, then rolling hop. At least for now, anyway.

same because a lot of staircases don’t have enough room behind them to rolling hop down. i start at about a 45 degree angle and jump down and it makes it a lot easier. iwas trying 6 sets today and you really have to hop forward as far as you can to keep from hitting the bottom step

I static hopped them first too, just to see if I could clear them. But it did it with a side hop, so that probably didn’t matter.

And yes, I was lining things up. The perfect crank position, the perfect place to jump, all of that. I also had to get my guts up, because I almost wussed out. I’m not afriad to try new things, but I’m a bit hesitant because I have an underlying fear of getting hurt real bad.

If you went at it with a 45 degree angle, doesn’t that mean that you have to clear a larger distance than if you went head on?

i don’t know if you care…but:

i go at a 45 degree angle because i can hop further sideways than forwards but it’s a lot harder to land parallel to the stairs because your momentum throws you off sideways. i usually twist while in the air so when i land i can roll out. this is actually natural because i’m traveling forward and you turn to face forward. using this i can hop as far as i can over the stairs and not have to worry about landing.

I can probably do a rolling hop over stairs better than a static. I can static jump a five set with the 45 degree angle like joe. I’ve tried two different 5 sets, and on both of them there wasn’t enough room to get enough momentum for a rolling hop.

Wait, are we talking about static or rolling?

I don’t have anything for a static forward hop, and the sideways hop/twist went ok. That’s why I was rolling hopping it.