Several months ago, I wrote about 4 hills that were on the way from the Selkerk Trestle to my house. I finally defeated the last of these hills today!

I have been feeling for a while that I should be able to tackle the hill right at the end of the trestle if only I were to get there fresh enough, rather than after riding for an hour before getting there.

Today, I didn’t have as much time so I took a shortcut. I told myself that the only defeat lay in not trying, and I went for it. I wobbled a lot, but I made it to the top. What a rush!!!

Now I am starting to feel ready to think about Muni.


Re: Victory

Congratulations on conquering those hills!

>Now I am starting to feel ready to think about Muni.

Yeah, first things first. So when do you think you will have finished
the process of starting to feel ready to think about MUni? And then
when you feel ready, will you begin thinking about MUni rightaway? How
long would you think about MUni before you have the idea that you are
ready to buying one? Etc.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.

Actually, my 20" is outfitted as MUni now with a fat tire, pinned pedals, and reinforced frame. The hard part is figuring out where to go that has some trails that match my (low) ability. A new uni is out of the question for this year, anyway.

Anyone out there know about trails in the Victoria area? I have not been there, but I suspect that Hartland may be beyond my ability yet.


Always ride beyond your ability. I ride in places that I know that I’ll end up walking a good portion of them, and my ability gets better. :sunglasses: :wink: